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I lost my bike

2 years ago, for day 114 by Yueh Han Huang 💘

Today is a peaceful day before the storm comes. Woke up, meeting, bike to the Wavier cafe near Castro. The light and view make it officially one of my favorites working cafe in the city. Good news is, I finished 1 makeup work for CS51, officially finish the debt! And...

Sunday in South Bay

2 years ago, for day 111 by Yueh Han Huang 💘

OMG, I just turned in my WORST assignment in Minerva. I hope this paper disappear from my life, just like sometimes I feel guilty from browsing random stuff on my chrome. Just let it be, Johann. It's important to celebrate your success! You made efforts over the past few days....


2 years ago, for day 105 by Yueh Han Huang 💘

Oh wow, I can't believe I'm writing this - gotta run soon after Morning Due cafe close in 24 minutes. It's my most ever assignment day in Minerva, and I'm writing this. OK - calm down. You actually need to calm down. I can't believe I'm writing this, but here...

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