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Take care of yourself

2 months ago, for day 125 by Vlad Fratila

It's odd that we need reminders to take care of ourselves. At least, some of us do. Well, at least I do. We've returned from our lovely trip to Edinburgh, as rested as ever after filling a week with new sights and ideas, and as tired as one can get...

My last thought was of home

2 months ago, for day 124 by Vlad Fratila

The thought had crossed my mind to ask for a refund, but deemed it too risky a proposition considering my circumstances. I was strapped to a Lectro-Doc’s chair, with impossibly tight metal-leather straps binding my arms, feet and torso; drugged to the bone and with only a faint ability to...


2 months ago, for day 123 by Vlad Fratila

I just made it over 33 years of age. I usually don't like my birthday, but this year, it has been especially numbing. Seems that the whole month of April was spent in lethargy. Just running through the motions, chasing the sun. The funniest thing is that I'm not even...

A perfect moment of happenstance

2 months ago, for day 122 by Vlad Fratila

Walk alongside the Old City in Warsaw, past the commotion and the bustling streets, and go down the hill to find a little park with a large fountain. They display light shows at night, projected onto the curtains of water pumped out in unison by dozens of systems, cleverly disguised...

Stuff of legends

2 months ago, for day 121 by Vlad Fratila

We're in Edinburgh this week, taking in the sights of this venerable city: the kirks and the parks, the castle rock dominating the city centre, with Holyrood looming in the distance. Edinburgh Castle is the stuff of legends, the place where history was made. It's the home of the most...

The missing unicorn Part 12

2 months ago, for day 116 by Vlad Fratila

Previous "I surmise, my dear Ratchard, that at long last you can see the usefulness of the Unicorns in preserving our Realm." "Yes, my Queen. Your wisdom, as always, has prevailed." said Ratchard, bowing his head reverently. The Throne room was empty save a couple of guards at the main...

Vacation time!

2 months ago, for day 115 by Vlad Fratila

Wee! It's here! Only a few hours to go and we'll be flying off to Edinburgh. I can't wait to get away for a full week. My focus levels are so low, I can't even remember names any more. I am in dire need of a recharge. We've been looking...

The Missing Unicorn - Part 9

2 months ago, for day 114 by Vlad Fratila

Part 8 "Isobel dear, drink your tea." "I don't like it. It's not sweet enough." Isobel was staring at the hot cup of tea in disgust. She was tired and angry, and her mother wasn't helpful at all. "Camilla, please, let's all just go back to bed!" Isobel's father Ray...

Won't stop complaining

2 months ago, for day 113 by Vlad Fratila

I have noticed a behavioral pattern that has enormous powers of self-replication. I've seen it in personal and professional relationships, I've seen it emerge in group situations, where it gets amplified by groupthink. I've seen it happen in one to one conversations. It starts small, and feeds off of itself...

New beginnings

2 months ago, for day 112 by Vlad Fratila

I love to start a new project: the smell of new ideas, the cleanliness of a fresh start, the endless possibilities! What a joyful feeling! If only it could last, then we'd all be at peak productive power every day. But alas! it's not like that, is it? After a...

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