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A Slow Health Overhaul

1 year ago, for day 75 by Aaron

In a recent post, I mentioned, briefly, the development of how I’ve begun to learn about the habits for a healthy lifestyle. When you think about totally overhauling your life to be more “healthy” the learning curve is intimidating and the financial costs are steep. We’ve all been there, buying...

What if you didn't pack anything for your next trip?

1 year ago, for day 74 by Aaron

A few weeks back I shaved with hand soap out of a bathroom dispenser. Not optimal, but sometimes that’s the sacrifice you make when you go light. Lately, I’ve been pushing limits with how little I can pack for a trip. I’m living and traveling in/around France for four-plus months...

Self Inflicted Challenges

1 year ago, for day 73 by Aaron

A few months back I was listening to an interview with Jesse Itzler (Author, Entrepreneur, etc.) and he was talking about the things he did when he had the navy seal David Goggins live with him in his home. Specifically, he mentioned a 48-hour challenge he did when Goggins was...

Not Writers Block... It's A Lack of Confidence

1 year ago, for day 72 by Aaron

Over the last year and a half, I’ve written several pieces that never made it out of a draft stage. I struggled to finish any of the writings I was working on and I was convinced I was stuck in a writer's block. When getting started with writing, those first...

Health Isn’t About Living Forever

1 year ago, for day 71 by Aaron

As I’ve begun to focus on developing healthy habits and practices when it comes to food, activities, and products, I’ve redefined what a healthy lifestyle means. The younger me always saw a healthy lifestyle as a way to outlive everyone. Whenever I’d meat (?) a vegan or total health nut,...

Wealth Of Relationships: A Lesson I Learned From A Dream (2 of 2)

1 year ago, for day 70 by Aaron

Continued..... The advice I had to share with Tristin and Joseph was this; “You two are wasting the opportunity by trying to make a little bit of cash, but in reality, you could use this in a far more productive way. My suggestion is that you two use this as...

Wealth Of Relationships: A Lesson I Learned From A Dream (1 of 2)

1 year ago, for day 69 by Aaron

Most of the things I write about here are influenced by specific experience I've had. I write as a way to reflect on the learnings and share the insights. Today’s piece is still a reflection on a learning I had, but from an experience that I created while I was...

Being The Catalyst Of Great Conversation

1 year ago, for day 68 by Aaron

Want to improve personal awareness on how to be less self-centered in conversation? First, get excited about something you want to share. Then insert yourself into a conversation with a friend or family member. Here’s the rule, don’t share what you’re excited about unless specifically asked. You’ll soon realize the...

Temptation Control: There Won’t Be Less, But It Can Be Easier

1 year ago, for day 67 by Aaron

As we develop more traction towards our defined success, temptations become more present. One of the first lessons on temptation taunts is from parents as we are instructed to practice abstinence. Instructions such as; stay away from drugs, alcohol, sex, and remove yourself from toxic friend groups. What isn't mentioned...

Goal Momentum Through Activities

1 year ago, for day 66 by Aaron

As I continue to review and consider what my long term goals are (10+ years), I’m always met with disappointment knowing that some of the goals require many of the things I don’t have, which of course is why it’s a long term goal I’m working towards. This discouragement is...

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