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Revisit: Compounding Indecision

11 months ago, for day 155 by Aaron

To do or to not do may be the theme for everyone in their 20’s. Well, the peak theme of our twenties. With daily decisions, seemingly, having more of an impact on the rest of our lives than any other time in our lives. It’s the curse of ambition and...

Revisit: Learnings from "Shoe Dog"

11 months ago, for day 154 by Aaron

A few days ago I finished the book “Shoe Dog” by Phil Knight. The story of how Nike came about. There were several lessons from the book that really struck me and I wanted to share them here along with my thought about them: Prioritize adventure When Phil had finished...

Revisit: Weird by Choice

11 months ago, for day 153 by Aaron

The constant demand for excellence forces us to believe that there are systems we should follow in order to exploit some sort of sought after potential that is within us. It's as if we seek to find a process or habit that will enable us to be our full selves....

Revisit: Dumpster Diving

11 months ago, for day 152 by Aaron

Gateways, metaphorically speaking, are generally used to describe the path to negative consequences. From my knowledge, there aren’t many gateway drugs out there that lead to sobriety and control. Surely gateways only lead to This was my belief until I was introduced to a positive gateway “drug”: Dunkin’ donuts after...

Revisit: Trend traveling is poison

11 months ago, for day 151 by Aaron

If you are going somewhere to score that famous picture for your insta feed, turn back. Today’s attention around travel is like a square photo scavenger hunt. Everyone is booking similar destinations with the intention to capture and share the same photos. It’s as if there is this desire to...

Doctor Prescribed: Unstructured Time

11 months ago, for day 150 by Aaron

After the nurse took my blood pressure she mentioned it was a tad high. Once the doctor came into the room I asked him if this was something I should pay attention to. He mentioned that I should keep an eye on it periodically. However, he told me high energy...

Survival Mode

11 months ago, for day 149 by Aaron

The idea of self-inflicted challenge and discipline seems to be a core foundational approach to personal development. From a logical standpoint, the idea of making things seem more difficult than they have to be is ridiculous. However, logic isn’t the best way to evaluate the decision to go into survival...

Revisit: Take More Walks

11 months ago, for day 148 by Aaron

Last 5 days I've been traveling and fighting a gnarly stomach sickness from eating 1.5-month-old fermented coconut yogurt... This is my last revisit post. Back to the regular scheduled new content tomorrow. I’ve recently found a prescription to reduce the procrastinator mentality, and no, it’s not watching Tim Urban’s...

Revisit: Story intoxication

11 months ago, for day 147 by Aaron

I’m currently reading “The Magus”; a classic fiction work of art. I rarely read fiction, but lately, I’ve made it a priority to expose myself to “reading for entertainment” instead of for information. I typically read nonfiction, so the reading experience is much different now that I’m focusing on fiction....

Revisit: Prioritize Creation

11 months ago, for day 146 by Aaron

Most of our days are consumed with commitments and responsibilities to our lives and work. Many of these tasks are mundane and repetitive to a point where we are drawn to mental exhaustion after some time of going through the loop. If we are not able to counterbalance these loops...

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