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Recipe for Quality: Make shit. Ship shit. Repeat. (1/4)

2 days ago, for day 139 by Aaron 💎

We are concerned with quality. Before we even do the craft we are thinking about how good it’s going to be. We stack our work up against those around us. We attribute our inability to create quality to the idea that we weren’t born with it. These concerns are invalid...

Revisited: self inflicted challenges

3 days ago, for day 138 by Aaron 💎

A few months back I was listening to an interview with Jesse Itzler (Author, Entrepreneur, etc.) and he was talking about the things he did when he had the navy seal David Goggins live with him in his home. Specifically, he mentioned a 48-hour challenge he did when Goggins was...

Story Intoxication

4 days ago, for day 137 by Aaron 💎

I’m currently reading “The Magus”; a classic fiction work of art. I rarely read fiction, but lately, I’ve made it a priority to expose myself to “reading for entertainment” instead of for information. I typically read nonfiction, so the reading experience is much different now that I’m focusing on fiction....

What’s creative output?

5 days ago, for day 136 by Aaron 💎

Let’s talk about creative output. I’ve written about this serval times, but it’s time to revisit and reflect on this. I am a huge component of daily creation being a solution for most or any issues one might have with indecision and insecurity with relationships, career, self, life, etc. Thus,...

The Window Metaphor: What aren’t we seeing when we look up? (4/n)

6 days ago, for day 135 by Aaron 💎

Looking from the outside When we observe space from earth, we have to deal with serval issues in our atmosphere (troposphere) and the others we are looking through. Things like the thickness of the air and light pollution. So, what happens when we put a telescope outside of the earth's...

The Window Metaphor: What aren’t we seeing when we look up? (3/n)

1 week ago, for day 134 by Aaron 💎

Zooming In (Continued) When you are using a refraction method for your telescope, the image is often observed flipped upside down or the left and right images switched. Thus, up looks like down and left looks like right. This is one of the main issues with the refraction method, but...

The Window Metaphor: What aren’t we seeing when we look up? (2/n)

1 week ago, for day 133 by Aaron 💎

Zooming In As a kid I was fascinated with the scope on my BB gun and the telescope I had. It blew my mind how, seemingly, just a tube of glass could allow me to hawk eye vision. Gazing at the stars and Sun orbiting planets with the naked eye...

The Window Metaphor: What aren’t we seeing when we look up? (1/n)

1 week ago, for day 132 by Aaron 💎

What happens when you look up? What am I seeing? What kind of window is this? When were look out of a car window we are surely aware of the glass between our eye ball and the objects that pass by. But when we look at the clouds, stars, moon,...

The Horse & The Starfish (3/n)

1 week ago, for day 131 by Aaron 💎

Sensory Even with the lack of sensory organs that Starfish have, they still have a sense of touch. In fact, they also have sensitivity to light, temperature, orientation, and an understanding of the area around them. Even without eyes- starfish only have eye hole - they are able to navigate....

The Horse & The Starfish (2/n)

1 week ago, for day 130 by Aaron 💎

What’s on the Menu Starfish are strong hunters and usually eat mollusks. They typically source food from clams, oysters sand dollars and mussels. They get a hold of these meals because many of these creatures are generally attached to a rock or other underwater surface. Horses, on the other hand,...

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