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Mental space

18 hours ago, for day 19 by Alicja

There is this old joke in Polish about a man trying to get some more space in his life. He goes to seek advice and finally asks a wise elder. Get a goat. The man is distraught. A goat? In his tiny living space, with all the duties and...

Fresh out of the oven

1 day ago, for day 18 by Alicja

I baked brioches today and my house smells of yeast. It took me back to my first memories of baking bread as a little girl in my great-grandma's kitchen. I was barely able to sit on the tall stool and knead my tiny portion of the dough. I remember being...

Finding balance

2 days ago, for day 17 by Alicja

My head cold and pain came back with double the force today. I thought I was well and looking forward to go to the office in the morning, when they pinned me down in my bed. The day looked miserable. Looking gloomily out of the window, I wondered how much...

Flexing my muscles

3 days ago, for day 16 by Alicja

Some days are just there to be lived past. There is no meaningful progress attached to them, no joy in the moment, just trying to get by without damaging too much on the way. I sometimes wonder why they happen at all. Is it that we can't handle too much...

Propelling forward

4 days ago, for day 15 by Alicja

I have a severe back pain for the first time in years and am wondering how I got here again. The first injury was due to me hating PhysEd classes with my whole being and refusing to do any of the teacher's suggestions, then being forced by them to do...

Book cravings

5 days ago, for day 14 by Alicja

I'm riding a wave of enjoying the books I read. I crave them whenever I'm not deeply engaged in another activity. I imagine sitting down and flipping through pages at a steady pace, filling my head up with ideas and a rush of blood indicating the intense pleasure. At the...

Slippery when wet

6 days ago, for day 13 by Alicja

There is snow in Vancouver. I haven't seen fresh snowfall or felt below zero temperatures in a while. Almost forgot how refreshing it is to feel a cold breeze in the morning, while hurriedly walking towards the public transit. Canada is often perceived as the cold, snowy country up North,...

Irrational anger

1 week ago, for day 12 by Alicja

I woke up to the sound of my cat vomiting all over the carpet. The vomiting was not unusual for him, as he often gets sick which the vet dismisses with a "cats will be cats" shrug that suggests me caring for my pet is unreasonable and I could get...

Making myself up

1 week ago, for day 11 by Alicja

The last night of the festivities came with expectations around how I should present myself. Not necessarily from my coworkers, but definitely from my inner ideal of how certain events should be approached. I thought my wardrobe through, checked myself in the mirror from every angle, adjusted a few minor...

Joy from within

1 week ago, for day 10 by Alicja

I'm the happiest I've ever been. I have a sensible self-image, appreciate a lot about myself and my circumstances. There is a reasonable amount of challenges coming up this year and all of them are welcomed, because they help me grow. I know what I like and I'm still open...

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