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Migrating off Write Together

1 year ago, for day 145 by Alicja

I was pondering about it a lot and decided that I'm going to migrate off Write Together. A few main reasons: I don't really engage as much with the community as I thought I would having the community makes me self-censor - sure I could post private posts,...

Lost streak

1 year ago, for day 108 by Alicja

I lost my streak on the website because I didn't hit "Publish" after writing my post yesterday. I'm annoyed and unhappy about that - it would be different if I didn't do the work, but given I wrote it on time, it's just too irritating. I need to ponder and...

BTS energy

1 year ago, for day 107 by Alicja

!!Con (the conference about the joy of computing I'm co-organizing) has been experiencing a shower of love from BTS (super-popular K-pop band) fans, because of the name confusion. Our conference is pronounced [bang-bang-con] and BTS recently announced an online concert called Bang Bang Con 2020. I love that we decided...

Fresh start

1 year ago, for day 105 by Alicja

Got my sourdough starter in the mail today and fed it some flour to wake it up from freeze-dry nap. It's slowly expanding in a little jar on my desk and makes me feel cozy. Smell of yeast, promise of sourdough - those sound both like Very Adult Things and...


1 year ago, for day 104 by Alicja

I always forget how long some of the things I know how to do take. It's not that I suddenly forgot how to do them or am doing something wrong, it's more that I do them so rarely I get out of practice and they suddenly become very sluggish. Take...


1 year ago, for day 103 by Alicja

Baked bread today using a recipe with poolish. It was a first for me, using it as a starter, and the uncertain etymology made for some endearing jokes on work group chat. As far as I know, it has nothing to do with Polish, and the "it's French for Polish...

Getting personal

1 year ago, for day 102 by Alicja

I learned that someone I knew in passing died of COVID-19 and I've been pondering about it all day. I didn't really know them too well, we chatted a few times with mostly surface-level words on the weather and the general state of the world. Nevertheless, I can put a...

Lost draft

1 year ago, for day 101 by Alicja

I just lost a draft because of screen time settings on iOS. It's not the first time trying to control my cravings with technology has bit me, but this one was especially painful, as I was finishing the last sentence and wanted to hit publish. Now I'm not really in...


1 year ago, for day 100 by Alicja

I haven't left the house in two days and I'm completely okay with that. Focusing on work, crochet to destress, cooking, just staying under the covers next to the fireplace. Which begins to worry me. It's not particularly healthy to never want to leave the house, especially for mental health....

Unexpected failure

1 year ago, for day 99 by Alicja

I made awful dinner today. And they way I know it is that I got a stomach ache from my own cooking - which tells you how bad I am at making pancakes. It was surprising, as it's been a long time since I cooked something that was both not...

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