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Unexpected failure

19 hours ago, for day 99 by Alicja

I made awful dinner today. And they way I know it is that I got a stomach ache from my own cooking - which tells you how bad I am at making pancakes. It was surprising, as it's been a long time since I cooked something that was both not...

Perception of time

1 day ago, for day 98 by Alicja

My days are getting shorter. I have so many things I want to do - learning, reading, playing music, crochet, exercise, writing - that I don't have enough hours in the day to do all of them. I keep coming up with new ideas and putting them on an ever-growing...

Improving code reading skills

2 days ago, for day 97 by Alicja

While watching a video on Resque vs Sidekiq, it struck me how hard I found it to follow the flow of the presentation. Part of it is probably because of the poor audio quality, I had to focus hard to capture anything meaningful, but I also kept getting distracted by...

Just one more round

3 days ago, for day 96 by Alicja

I've been working on the amigurumi husky for my sister for nearly two days straight. It's meditative and addictive, building up stitch by stitch, ever closer to the final product. Whenever I want to wrap up, there is just one more round to do, one more step to take. I...

Starting anew

4 days ago, for day 95 by Alicja

I promised one of my little sisters a crochet dog a while ago and picked a project outside of my abilities. The first time I tried to make it, I failed miserably - creating a black-and-white plush creature that looked like Mickey Mouse (said by three different people, all of...

Sushi and sourdough

5 days ago, for day 94 by Alicja

We had sushi for dinner for the first time since mandatory work from home started. Which is very unusual for Vancouver - sushi is the affordable, healthy food option we would normally go for any day of the week. And the quality is superior to most raw fish I've had....

Screen space

6 days ago, for day 93 by Alicja

I got an external monitor for my desk, as the work from home situation slowly dawns on me - and may turn permanent for me. I'm starting to enjoy the rhythm of distributed communication more than the face-to-face contact at the office. After all, most of my team is not...

No new thoughts

1 week ago, for day 92 by Alicja

I'm disengaged today from anything that's not mindless tasks. It feels like my brain is stuck on a pointless loop, trying to grasp whatever it's churning, and failing to do so. There are small flashes of memories, not strung together with a coherent narrative. Pica. The urge of licking the...

Piecing it together

1 week ago, for day 91 by Alicja

Crochet is very meditative while making stitches. Step by step, row by row, it grows into a bigger structure and starts taking shape. It needs keeping track of the count, similarly to reps during a workout. Every little effort adds up to the larger goal. Sewing the pieces together is...

Voxels upon voxels

1 week ago, for day 90 by Alicja

The wool for my latest project arrived and I haven't been this excited to receive a package since forever. It's soft merino, perfectly shaped for crochet, ready to be strung together into 3D shapes. I sometimes forget how long it takes to finish a project and the patience I need...

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