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The Reality of Real Life

2 years ago, for day 10 by Tinnei 💘

One of the best moment in 2018 is the night when I walked out of the Ready Player One movie and rain started sprinkling down. The Ready Player One movie was so surreal and visually stimulating that brought out a huge hit of contrast when I came back in contact...

Towards Authentic Interactions

2 years ago, for day 9 by Tinnei 💘

Today I want to talk about a trend that I have observed but don't see enough discussion of -- products that encourage authentic interactions. Thanks to Black Mirror and social media break downs, tech well being has become a frequently discussed topic these past two years. The tech community has...

Re: Stress Management

2 years ago, for day 8 by Tinnei 💘

Inspired by Tyler's day 7 blog post, I decided I would use his prompt for today - "write about one thing that you're dreading, but that could reduce your stress by tackling it head on." Currently I am stressed about a design task. The scope of the project is to...

To improve on

2 years ago, for day 7 by Tinnei 💘

Greeting from day 7 of 2019. This is my 3rd year into the work world, my 7th year living in the US. The world is dynamic and these numbers are always changing. Each moment is uniquely different from the other. I am at this reflection spot, thinking where I stand...

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