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World’s default

3 years ago, for day 208 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

Woah Day 208 of 2019, it’s been a while. Life's changed a lot these past few months. My world is now expanded to a wide-open space with risky directions that I was too scared to think about yet I am considering now. I have opened up many "now I've done...

Momentum and Consistency

3 years ago, for day 97 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

I remember when I first got on this platform back in January, even though after a long work day, I would still have so much to write down. I was excited every day to write down my thoughts here. Maybe it was the beginning of the year, maybe it was...

Fitting In and Out

3 years ago, for day 86 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

Just got off from a chat with a friend who I've admired for a long time. We are both from Macau and now in the US doing creative work. I'm in SF doing UIUX and she's in New York doing fashion. She's a fierce lady with great taste and always...

Owning Up

3 years ago, for day 38 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

It is Lunar New Year and my family is in town for the week. I got off work, met up with my mum, and the first thing she did was stuffing a pair of earplugs in my ear and had me listen to an audio recording. The audio recording is...

Common Ground

3 years ago, for day 37 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

I went to another event today, totally spontaneous, a few hours notice event. It's #tweetup (meet up) with Twitter's design and research team to talk about design and research ;-). It was a short "cc" comment from my dear friend who always looked out for me, and one of the...

That Cab has a Dent in it

3 years ago, for day 32 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

Hi, it's been a while. It was 7 days of crazy headspace. Now, I find peace getting myself to sit down and get back to writing. I submitted a proposal I worked on days and nights on Monday. Not sure what it'll bring but I have a tendency to make...

Do your Part

3 years ago, for day 24 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

Yesterday I had an awakening moment, much needed awakening moment. Everything I'm hiding from finds its way to me. All the excuses become laughable. It's like a light suddenly turns on and my shadows are nowhere to hide. I love it. It's pain but once the impact goes away, you...

Process of a Healing

3 years ago, for day 23 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

"I see you walking down the street. I see you coming back inside. I know you're wondering what all this means to you." - Grace, Oohyo I'm sitting across imposter syndrome with my ignorance syndrome, listening to this beautiful song. I'm trying to gather myself back up. I have a...

Understanding Human

3 years ago, for day 22 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

Recently, I listened to the Recode Decode podcast interview with Glossier's CEO Emily Weiss. I love Emily's answer regarding raising money as a female founder when Kara Swisher kept pushing for a polarizing answer. "It doesn't matter whether you're a woman or man. Building a company is hard by itself....

Linguistic Relativity

3 years ago, for day 21 by Tinnei πŸ’˜

A while back, I had a conversation with a friend on language and how language frames your mind. "Your set of vocabularies is the bottleneck of your expression and your experience with the world". This friend quickly pointed out how I can improve when I mentioned I cannot express my...

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