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I am the author of Getting Out: Escape is harder than he’d ever imagined and QP-id: Love, Sex and Nano-Machines. I am currently in the process of writing my third book Of Dolls and Men.

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Silence - Flower Power

2 days ago, for day 291 by Sophie Clark

Hannibal had spared no expense. He’d ensured the florist had produced the most stunning bouquet they were capable of, and he grinned as he looked at the Yellow Roses, Lilacs, White Roses and Lilies that were enclosed in black tissue paper and plastic wrap in his hand. All the fuss...

Silence of the Hunters - Letters

2 days ago, for day 290 by Sophie Clark

It had been a couple of days since Hisoka had attended his assessment with Dr. Lecter. He was still in the hotel the Hunter Association had put him up in while he awaited their decision as to how his ‘trial’ was going to proceed. He knew the result was going...

Silence of the Hunters - Messages

4 days ago, for day 289 by Sophie Clark

21:09 To: Zeller So, how’s it going? 21:14 To: Miriam Not too bad so far, spotted our man and his boyfriend in the bar earlier, so I snuck into my room. Just been reading through those reports again. 21:16 To: Zeller Careful, they have long words in, ask...

Silence of the Hunters - Diligence

6 days ago, for day 288 by Sophie Clark

Miriam waited until after Jack had closed the door before turning to Zeller and saying, “What the hell! You do realise what he’s going to be like when he finds out that we’re sleeping next to him. Have you ever heard his ‘boyfriend’ screaming for him to smack him harder?...

Silence of the Hunters - Hisoka/Daniel have a discussion about morals.

1 week ago, for day 283 by Sophie Clark

"Such a good girl," Hisoka praised as he retrieved his clothes and quickly redressed. Well you were easier to put under my spell than I’d expected you to be. Still, I'd like to get Daniel out of here, I need to give him a chance to regroup mentally, at least....

Silence - Price and Zeller Talk

1 week ago, for day 281 by Sophie Clark

Zeller stiffened when he heard the sound of Price walking down the corridor towards him. He’d gone out to get some water from the cooler, ostensibly to get away from the gossip that was happening around him and the speculation about his relationship with Hisoka, but apparently, today, he wasn’t...

Silence of the Hunters - The Ace of Hearts

1 week ago, for day 280 by Sophie Clark

It was already afternoon on the day after Hisoka had met with Dr. Lecter, and he was still lying half-dressed on the hotel room bed. He'd barely managed to get that far, as he’d staggered back from the bar to his room the night before. Wincing when he opened his...

Silence of the Hunters Pt. 1

2 weeks ago, for day 279 by Sophie Clark

Hannibal looked up from Hisoka’s file and noted the time. It was 1 pm, and the man in question was waiting outside his door. He smiled to himself and took a sip of his water. He had hoped that Hisoka would be at least as entertaining as his file suggested,...

Associations and learning life's lessons.

1 month ago, for day 262 by Sophie Clark

When you think of certain people, what do you associate with them? I'm listening to an interesting podcast right now, and it's just sparked a thought. When I think of people, what comes along with them? If I think of my one and only female friend, @Fiene, I think of...

Hisoka's Deal Ch.5 Pt.3

1 month ago, for day 256 by Sophie Clark

"I can work with that," Illumi agreed, frowning when the Tabby jumped up onto the table and started to walk all over his paperwork. "But we have to make sure he's alone, and you will have to beat me. I would suggest that I give you a split lip too....