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I am the author of Getting Out: Escape is harder than he’d ever imagined and QP-id: Love, Sex and Nano-Machines. I am currently in the process of writing my third book Of Dolls and Men.

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Rambles - Direction

1 day ago, for day 235 by Sophie Clark

The guy I'm writing with has started work again (part-time for now, but it will be full time soon) and I'm finding myself a little lost. I knew it was coming, but still, for the last six months I've been writing none stop and the sudden change of pace has...

Silence - Zaiger's confession

2 days ago, for day 234 by Sophie Clark

"Well that's something we can definitely agree on then," Ryuu replied before pausing and looking at Zaiger curiously. "So I'm your secret gay lover now? Damn, I wish I'd actually put those rose petals on the bed like I was tempted to. Would that have won me brownie points?" he...

Silence - Start of Session One

1 week ago, for day 229 by Sophie Clark

Sebastian looked up from Ryuuu Ishida's file and noted the time. It was 1 pm, and the man in question was waiting outside his door. He knew he was there; he could feel his Zaidan through the wall. He wondered what he would be like when he wasn’t lying still...

Silence - Sebastian talks Iccantado

2 weeks ago, for day 221 by Sophie Clark

“It is, that is true,” Sebastian said thoughtfully, sitting up. “And if you are an Iccantado then that would make sense, it would also explain why you have gathered us all here, in my house.” At the curious look Ryuu gave him, Sebastian chuckled. “Some tales have them ‘stealing’ people...

Silence - Thar be Dragons!

2 weeks ago, for day 219 by Sophie Clark

Daniel felt something warm and solid on his chest and tried to turn over. “Abaki,” he mumbled. “Not again, I’m asleep. No more sex tonight.” “What are you talking about?” Miriam muttered, not bothering to open her eyes. “Shut up and go back to sleep, Rookie.” “I would...

Silence - Daniel/Ryuu Lightning Round

1 month ago, for day 197 by Sophie Clark

"The cauldron adjusts to the target; he was going to use it on Faron. The guy in the statue," Ryuu advised as he looked back at the model and then at the images he'd conjured. "If you really want the answer to that question, it's a yes...I did enjoy it....

Silence - Daniel talks to Faron

1 month ago, for day 196 by Sophie Clark

Daniel peered curiously into the bag and brightened when he realised that it was an entire set of sculptors tools. “Dude,” he whispered quietly to himself. “How much did this cost? Shit, you didn’t have to do this. I would have made do with a knife, fork and a toothpick....

Silence - Sebastian and Ryuu talk

1 month ago, for day 194 by Sophie Clark

“I did wonder what the heart was for,” Sebastian said with a smirk. “It seems oddly appropriate, given the reason behind the patch. Thank you, my love.” "Well he's got a nice ass, and I thought it would look good. Plus if I can learn to make them quickly...

Silence - Jordan's Intro

1 month ago, for day 186 by Sophie Clark

Jordan sighed when he didn’t hear the door chime go a second time and turned off the amateur boxing he’d been half watching on the small TV in his ‘office’. Mr. Wong, the cheap bastard that owned the store, hadn’t even been willing to fork out enough to give him...

Silence - Lulu Meets Daniel

1 month ago, for day 179 by Sophie Clark

“Hey there, sweetie, wanna buy me a drink?” As original lines went, it wasn’t really that creative, if it was coming from a woman. Lulu turned around and smiled at the handsome brunette smiling at her and took in his designer outfit and his impeccable grooming. He screamed money, success...