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I am the author of Getting Out: Escape is harder than he’d ever imagined and QP-id: Love, Sex and Nano-Machines. I am currently in the process of writing my third book Of Dolls and Men.

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Hisoka's Deal Cont. Pt.3

18 hours ago, for day 343 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Slow and stiff, but done. Writing: Slow and stiff, but done. Editing: Less slow and stiff! And got done! "I don't understand," Kurapika said, tightening his grip on his knee and ignoring the cheerful singing of the bird in the bush next to them. "How can you be...

Hisoka's Deal Cont pt.2

1 day ago, for day 342 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Complete Writing: TBC Editing: Complete Arguing about writing: Complete "Wait," Kurapika said, doing his best to suppress a laugh. "You put Hisoka in a wedding dress, and he didn't protest? How?" "I made it part of the game," Chrollo said smugly. "And I made sure that it would...

Hisoka's Deal cont

2 days ago, for day 341 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Complete Writing: 2040 words \o/ Editing: Complete "He told me what you did, you know," Kurapika said darkly. "How you gave him to your 'Troupe'." "And did he mention that it was entirely voluntary?" Chrollo asked. When he saw the slight crease that formed in the Kurta's brow,...

Hisoka's Deal

3 days ago, for day 340 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Complete Editing: Complete Writing: Complete I've set myself the task of doing at least 200 words on Hisoka's Deal per day so that it gets finished before Xmas and I don't get another six-month block on it. I've done nearly 600 before 8am, and will be poking at it...

Silence - more Chrollo/Hannibal

4 days ago, for day 339 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Didn't happen Editing: Procrastinated Writing: Just enough Day: Getting deleted. Chrollo smiled at Dr. Lecter and tilted his head as he asked, "That is true that; we look after our own...are you saying that you are also from my City, Doctor? I have to admit I would never...

Silence - Chrollo/Hannibal

5 days ago, for day 338 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Done Editing: A small amount Standing under the warm spray of water, Chrollo allowed his gaze to settle on the other side of his cell. From the small bathroom area that provided some limited privacy, he could still see the entire space he was currently expected to live in....

Silence - Chrollo/Chilton

6 days ago, for day 337 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Success Editing: Success! Chrollo made sure to let his concern morph into reluctant reassurance. “Thank you, Doctor. You flatter me. I...” He looked down at the floor. “I lead a group of criminals. I hardly think that I can be called an influencer. I am not like you.”...

A day of editing...

1 week ago, for day 336 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: No Lots of Editing: Yes “I’m sure we can find something,” Hisoka agreed easily, juggling the bags so that he could hold them in one hand and take Illumi’s again in his free one. “You were looking a bit frazzled in there. What would you like anything to...

Went to the parents.

1 week ago, for day 335 by Sophie Clark

So walkies complete. Writing...was just possible. Not done much at all. But some happened. Day success!. Now sleep. 2 Hours later Hisoka felt happy to finally be back at the hotel room. He'd had enough of dealing with judgemental store assistants for one day, and he still had to...

Slow day, but writing happened \o/

1 week ago, for day 334 by Sophie Clark

Walkies: Complete Writing: Complete! Curious, despite his distaste for the shop, Illumi leaned forwards and closed his eyes before inhaling the scent from the stick. Lillies at dusk, the subtle hint of Roses and fresh dew on the grass. It really wasn’t overpowering, and Hisoka-san clearly liked it. He...