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I am the author of Getting Out: Escape is harder than he’d ever imagined and QP-id: Love, Sex and Nano-Machines. I am currently in the process of writing my third book Of Dolls and Men.

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Silence - Coffee and an 'interview'

6 days ago, for day 171 by Sophie Clark

“Your coffee, Ryuu-san,” Elijah said, setting it down in front of his Master. “And yours, Special Agent...with added cream and no Cinnamon.” He tucked his skirt under his knees and sat down in between the two men. It was slightly odd to be sat out on the street like this,...

I made it back!

1 week ago, for day 169 by Sophie Clark

I have returned from my 'holiday' in one piece. And I managed to stick out the full three days. I'm impressed with myself. It was harder work than I'd expected, and this year, there was a new record of me breaking down into tears within six hours of arrival after...

Silence - The Comedown.

2 weeks ago, for day 161 by Sophie Clark

After Ryuu had finished telling his tale, he’d looked somewhat calmer, but there was still that ever so slightly lost look to his eyes. “Lie on my chest, mon chaton,” Sebastian had instructed. “Let me tell you the tales of my childhood.” And he had. Ryuu had lain there and...

Silence - Max Learns.

2 weeks ago, for day 158 by Sophie Clark

Ryuu tried not to react as he listened to Sebastian explaining to their prey that he didn’t need to be loved. _Why do you say that? You were so hopeful when I said that I might love you eventually. I took the risk of angering you so that I could...

Silence - Max's Deal

3 weeks ago, for day 157 by Sophie Clark

Sebastian smirked and watched Ryuu set about his work. “I am aware, don’t worry, I have plans to utilise your skills.” Walking over to Max, he ran a hand down his side and chuckled when the man instinctively tried to flinch away. “Time to get you ready for the final...

You know you're obsessing when...

3 weeks ago, for day 154 by Sophie Clark

My good friend Fiene once wished for me to hit a point in my writing where it becomes like breathing to me. She wished that I'll be able to get up and want to write; that I'd go to sleep at night and be excited about the writing to come,...

Day 150 - Pillow talk

3 weeks ago, for day 151 by Sophie Clark

I did it! I made it to 150! \o/ My treat to myself is some silly story snippet! Enjoy the pillow talk :D Abaki was coming out of the en-suite when she saw Sebastian frowning and clearly trying to decide how best to get up without waking Ryuu, who...

Silence - Guests incoming

4 weeks ago, for day 148 by Sophie Clark

“Are you sure about this, Hugh?” Rose asked, realising that maybe white strappy sandals and a long summer skirt might not have been the best clothes to wear for infiltrating someone’s house. She picked up her hem so that she wouldn’t trip as they were walking down a set of...

Silence - Icarus listens

1 month ago, for day 146 by Sophie Clark

Ellie looked into the mirrored eyes of the neglected statue in the dining room and smiled wickedly. “Oh, my darling Icarus, I can’t believe they left you in here. Whatever am I going to have to do with my boys? They really can be so thoughtless, can’t they? Don’t worry,”...

So...what's been going on?

1 month ago, for day 144 by Sophie Clark

Well, I have kinda been sideswiped by a new project that has eaten my life (in a good way). Let me explain. I'm currently 750,000 and counting into a new book that I'm writing with a buddy...and I'm loving it. I'm waking up and writing; I'm falling asleep...writing. I'm plotting...