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I am the author of Getting Out: Escape is harder than he’d ever imagined and QP-id: Love, Sex and Nano-Machines. I am currently in the process of writing my third book Of Dolls and Men.

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So, it's 2020! What now?

2 weeks ago, for day 1 by Sophie Clark 🏆

It's the obligatory first post of the year, and I feel like I should write it on the actual day of said new, let's ramble, folks! I've just gotten up, so steps haven't been done yet...but I'm up to 150 already just from pottering around. I've already looked at...

Of Dolls and Men cont 8

3 weeks ago, for day 362 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Complete Editing: Complete Writing: Complete!! Silly convo with the other half: Complete! Best auto-convo of the morning. S Playing Path of Exile Me: Dramatically Darling! I've got the Blargs! S: Yes, dear. Me: I think it's terminal! S: I think it is, dear. Me: It's all over! S: Yes,...

Of Dolls and Men cont.

1 month ago, for day 353 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Bikies complete Editing: Halfway through chapter 4! Writing: Complete “I know what you think has happened to you, yes.” Mr. Malco said casually as if they were doing nothing more than discussing the weather. “I selected the package that included a full background personality, complete with memories. I’m...

More PT chatter

1 month ago, for day 351 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Nope, full of cold. I managed a tiny bit on the pedals, though. Editing: I actually opened up Of Dolls and Men today! I'm going to start on that! Writing: Managed a bit. Did my words. At the Base “Look, I don’t care what you all think,...

Silence - PT convo

1 month ago, for day 350 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Bikies because it was raining Editing: Small amount Writing: hit 200 words “Personally, I don’t see what the problem is. It’s not like he hasn’t seen naked women before,” Shizuku said as she rounded the side of another rubble-filled street. “I don’t know why they didn’t let us...

Hisoka's Deal. Pt7.

1 month ago, for day 348 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Complete Editing: Complete Writing: Complete "I see you've both been enjoying yourselves," Chrollo said, looking over his morning coffee and not bothering to draw his robe closed. Illumi wouldn't care, Hisoka had seen him naked and Kurapika...he smirked behind the cover of taking another sip. Kurapika was blushing....

Hisoka's Deal. Pt.7

1 month ago, for day 347 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Complete (pedals!) Editing: Complete! Writing: Complete! Warnings for sexy-times ahead. "Illumi," Hisoka quivered. "Illumi!" It was all he could say, all he could think. The man was playing him like a harp, plucking at each and every string he possessed, and he loved it. "Illumi!" he cried, not...

Hisoka's Deal. Pt.6

1 month ago, for day 346 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Complete. Writing: Complete. Editing: Complete. Warnings for sexiness again! "That thing that you did with your tongue, and your Nen, when you wrapped it around...where did you learn that?" Hisoka asked as he stared up at the ceiling. "A prostitute in the Kakin Empire taught me before he...

Hisoka's Deal. Pt.5

1 month ago, for day 345 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Indoor bikies due to rain. Writing: Complete Editing: Complete Warnings for sexy times in today's part. A tiny ball of fluff shot between Hisoka's legs, and he had to use his bungee-gum to stop himself from toppling over as he narrowly avoided stepping on the tiny cat. "Harriet,"...

Hisoka's Deal. Pt.4

1 month ago, for day 344 by Sophie Clark 🏆

Walkies: Complete...the sun was even shining! Editing: Complete Writing: Complete! Over 2k written before 9am! I'm on a roll! Shut up, he snarled as he began to punch in the most likely 4-digit codes that he could think of into the keypad. You aren't allowed to take his side...