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Warp Speed Internet (Pt 3/5)

2 months ago, for day 301 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

In Part 2 I wrote about the fact that different DNS servers have different speeds and different availability depending on whether they support anycast. If they do then the nearest DNS server to you will be used. In the same way as the nearest Google server to you physically is...

Man about the house

2 months ago, for day 300 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

Q: What time it is when a Elephant sits on your fence? A: Time to get a new one.     — Big Red Rock Eater Book of Jokes. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area, or Northern California you'll know that today we had unexpectedly high...

Warp Speed Internet (Pt 2/5)

2 months ago, for day 299 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

In Part 1 I wrote about DNS (Domain Name Servers). The ones that resolve the name of a domain it the actual Internet Address (eg:, the fact that by default you used the one in your WiFi router, and finally that choosing a different DNS Server may get you...

Out of time

2 months ago, for day 298 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

I was going to write part two of my Warp Speed Internet series, but I ran out of time. Maybe I'll write it at the weekend. I really wanted to write it today and I could probably knock it off in the next 20-30 minutes that I have but I...

Warp Speed Internet (Pt 1/5)

2 months ago, for day 297 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

Something that almost all of us will probably complain about - except for @owen who always seems to have ridiculous speeds - is the speed of our Internet connection, whether on WiFi or a cell-network. We probably have our favorite speed test tool to let us know just how badly...

Wise transfer revolutions (pt 4/4)

2 months ago, for day 296 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

in Part 3 I discussed how I used available API's and a bit of plumbing to create a system that alerts me to changes in the exchange rate of interest to me. This was I don't have to keep checking, I'll get notified. I while back I heard about two...

Wise transfer revolutions (pt 3/4)

2 months ago, for day 295 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

In Part 2 I wrote about Transferwise and how it changed the way that I move funds between the UK & US and the associated currencies. To get the most for your money you need to keep on eye on the exchange rate. Of course you can never predict which...

Wise transfer revolutions (pt 2/4)

2 months ago, for day 294 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

In Part 1 I discussed transferring money between the USA and the UK and what a nightmare it was back in the 90's. I would say, remember the 90's but I suspect most - if not all of the people reading - are not capable of "remembering the 90's". ...

Wise transfer revolutions (pt 1/4)

2 months ago, for day 293 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

Getting money to the US from the UK when I first moved there was very problematic. I was paid in the UK and, even though I was living in California. Transferring funds meant going down to my bank - whenever I was in the UK on a visit - filling...

Delta Wing Sadness

2 months ago, for day 292 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

When I was a young boy — around the age of 7 — I was running around in a playground in Limassol, Cyprus when I hear the roar of jet engines overhead, I looked up to see what I would deem a magnificent site. A large delta wing aircraft fly...