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Fruity Tech

1 month ago, for day 180 by Yorick Phoenix

I was pondering this morning about the association between computer / tech companies and fruit. I'm pretty sure that this has been covered by others however I am resisting the temptation to Google it and instead am relying on my own memories - although I did check Wikipedia for dates....

5 minute gardening

1 month ago, for day 177 by Yorick Phoenix

I have a garden, I have no time for gardening. Actually I do have time, but I definitely don't make much time for it. I enjoy gardening. It's one of those thankless tasks like cleaning, ironing, taking out the rubbish & dishes that has to be done and no matter...

Too busy reading to read

1 month ago, for day 175 by Yorick Phoenix

I really should get back into reading. Reading books that is. I really enjoy a good book. I do read a lot. What I read is time consuming and it is more reading to do my job or reading to find out what is going on in the world. Overall...

The USA is on sale, permanently

2 months ago, for day 174 by Yorick Phoenix

One of the things you discover on your first visit to the USA is that with the exception of a few states and a few stores, the price marked on the shelf is not the price you pay. Everyone who is not from the USA finds this odd and totally...

Words words words words words

2 months ago, for day 173 by Yorick Phoenix

Words words words words words are what I need to write followed by more words until I have written three hundred of them. You know why, you absolutely understand why I am doing this, or maybe you don't. If I don't write three hundred words I will lose my one...

Stop saying you're sorry

2 months ago, for day 172 by Yorick Phoenix

I am getting really fed up with customer service nowadays. I'm not sure what it is. Is it outsourcing, bad training, low pay or lack of empowerment, I really don't know. There are a few good examples of good customer service. Southwest is well known for it, as is Amazon....

Funding your employer

2 months ago, for day 171 by Yorick Phoenix

A common incentive given to employees especially in tech companies and very especially in startups is stock options. I have always been of the opinion that they are worthless unless they are marketable. If you came up with the money to buy the options and pay the tax you would...

Delta Virgin

2 months ago, for day 170 by Yorick Phoenix

I have a rule, I don't fly Delta. You'd have to pay me to fly BA and you couldn't pay me to fly United. I took up a credit card offer in 2014 which included at least 50,000 Delta air-miles. I could fly at no cost but would have to...

The Thirteenth Doctor

2 months ago, for day 169 by Yorick Phoenix

2018 brought us the thirteenth doctor and with it probably the weakest season since the seventh doctor - the one that got the whole show cancelled. With the new season came lots of changes. Female Doctor This was expected having seen other male time lords regenerate into female forms,...

Fundamental Books

2 months ago, for day 168 by Yorick Phoenix

There are two classic books on computer science - well there are of course more than that as there are some language specific ones like K&R - but generally there are two very fundamental books. Both books are language independent - as they should be - and this will probably...