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Chief WriteTogether Bug Finder & character stringer. Generally to create computer code, but sometimes actual words and paragraphs. Listens to lots of music, takes lots of photos, & invests in stocks for the long haul.

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Interflora - the McDonalds of Florists

1 month ago, for day 201 by Yorick Phoenix

Today I finally met the florist that I had started using just before St Valentines day in 2013. I was living in California, my girlfriend in Wales. The previous year I had used an Internet Service to send her flowers. They were not-OK. She was happy to receive them, yet...

10+ Investing Thoughts

1 month ago, for day 199 by Yorick Phoenix

_This is a little off the cuff, and came from the basis of a reply I wrote to somebody who posed the question: okai i opened an account on a stock traiding app what should i buy i am new to this and would love to learn...


1 month ago, for day 198 by Yorick Phoenix

Yesterday and today were the first time myself, my parents and my sister have all been in the same location in twenty five years. Before today I last saw my sister five years ago. The previous time before that was the afore mentioned twenty five years ago. I have seen...

On Set

1 month ago, for day 197 by Yorick Phoenix

Films and TV Shows are made on location all over the world. Unless they are extensively altered with CGI it is often easy to visit the places if you wish (and have the means). During my lifetime I have visited many locations that have interested me plus some actual sets....

Home by dark

1 month ago, for day 195 by Yorick Phoenix

I'm in Wales at the moment and it is lighter much later into the evening than in San Francisco. For example: Cardiff Sunset: 21:24 San Francisco Sunset: 20:31 That's almost an entire hour later. Checking sunrise we find: Cardiff Sunrise: 05:11 San Franciso Sunrise: 5:59 Thus, hours of daylight: Cardiff:...

Of accounts, furniture, suits & TV

1 month ago, for day 194 by Yorick Phoenix

Today was an unexciting today, but at least I'm on vacation and I didn't do much work. We finished a new release on Friday which I would normally deploy Friday evening during a light user activity window. We deploy live without taking the service down by simply switching a symbolic...


1 month ago, for day 192 by Yorick Phoenix

A friend of mine commented on Facebook this morning: I do not need your product to be empowered. I would have ripped your head off in the 70s, I will rip your head off now. I am really not sure your wrinkle cream will assist me in any way...

Bulkhead Seats

1 month ago, for day 191 by Yorick Phoenix

I'm sitting in bed in Cardiff, with technically fifty plus minutes to "write my words" but in reality almost nine hours because I didn't change my timezone from California We made our flight and ended up in seats that I wouldn't normally have picked. We were in Premium Economy (AKA:...

We've got the power

1 month ago, for day 187 by Yorick Phoenix

Shortly after returning from a hot 3.2m (~5 km) late morning hike my door-bell rang followed by some pounding on the door. Standing only eight feet from the front door I wasn't in a position to open it as I had just stripped off to take a shower. I checked...

Long Day To Come

1 month ago, for day 181 by Yorick Phoenix

I have a long day planned on Sunday and won’t have time to write my daily three hundred words. Tonight with an iPad wedged between my knees I’m lying in bed trying to type Sunday’s words on a Saturday night. It’s slow going. An iPad keyboard is about the worst...