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New Shiny #1

1 month ago, for day 331 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Today is the day the "New Shiny" arrived. In this case a 128GB 7th Generation 10.2" iPad. Yes, of course I would like to have received the 11" iPad Pro but there again, as I was paying and I am - as always - on a budget, this is the...

What is the real price? [Pt 1/2]

1 month ago, for day 330 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I went for my evening walk, two miles, we have more butter in the fridge now. I'm not sure when this happened, or started to happen, however I have come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as the real price for any product, only the price...

Selling Scribblings.com

1 month ago, for day 329 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I have owned the above domain for just over twenty years. Sort of on a whim, I obtained it while at WWDC'99 back in the days when it was: Not that easy to obtain domains as there were very few places to buy them It was expensive 3....

The gauntlet hire

1 month ago, for day 327 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

During my time at the AI Lab I became deeply involved in the world of these new consumer WIMP based machines, that is Macintoshes. I had already programmed the Apple Lisa, Xero Star and Sun Workstations (amongst others), however it was the Macintosh that I was most interested in, that...

Keep on truckin'

1 month ago, for day 326 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

This evening I made an impulse purchase. While I am often tempted to do this, somehow I have enough self-control to walk away and not do it. Well, sure it if costs $2 then maybe I will, but if it costs $1,000 or $50,000 then I won't. Even a $100...


1 month ago, for day 325 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

During the run up to Thanksgiving in the USA and of course the whole Black Friday, Small Store Saturday, Cyber Monday shopping extravaganza SPAM in the USA gets increasingly out of control. You probably have e-mail spam filters, I do. I have many levels of spam filters from those...

E-Mail Dark Ages

2 months ago, for day 319 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

The very first E-Mail message I sent β€” in what we consider e-mail β€”Β was, I think, sent using VMS Mail (also known as Mail-11) on a DEC Vax 11/780. Probably 1982 or 1983. It looked like E-Mail looks today β€”Β or did before we had HTML E-Mail β€” which...

New Shiny

2 months ago, for day 318 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Finally, yes, finally Apple releases a new macBook Pro that actually may be worth buying. It's only taken them four years. Ask any Mac Developer when the last good macBook was released and they will tell you it was the mid-2015 macBook Pro (often referred to as MBP). There...

More rants about Catalina

2 months ago, for day 317 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Yesterday I went on a rant about macOS Catalina Mail and how Apple decided to "tweak" it for apparently no good reason. Just like random stop signs on roads in the US that serve absolutely no purpose. The Apple UI/UX team decided to change things. OK, well enough of that,...

Dumbing down macOS by Catalina

2 months ago, for day 316 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Well, I landed, and the experience has been mixed. Normally a macOS upgrade only brings new interesting, or useful things. This is the first macOS update a long time that has literally taken stuff away. Similar to the upgrade from 68K to PowerPC and then PowerPC to Intel chip sets...