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Chief WriteTogether Bug Finder & character stringer. Generally, to create computer code, but sometimes actual words and paragraphs. Listens to lots of music, takes lots of photos, & invests in stocks for the long haul.

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Bathroom Cleanliness

1 year ago, for day 81 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Q: After you have used the toilet have you ever considered at what point your hands are clean and for how long? That was a question I posed in a quick blog post I wrote back in December 2011 that I just discovered last night. It was the one and...

Panicked Packing

1 year ago, for day 80 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I'm writing earlier than I have of late with the fear that the day will run away with me later and I'll miss my streak. This afternoon I head to the hills early this afternoon, which means frantic packing. I have no idea why my packing always feels so frantic....

30,000 words

1 year ago, for day 79 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

By the time I have finished this post I'll have written over 30,000 words, in fact I will have written exactly 30,198 words β€”Β if my profile page is to be believed. I've written for 79 days straight which means on average I have written 382 & 1/4 words each...


1 year ago, for day 78 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I don't have a title & have no idea what I am going to write about today. Yet here I am, at my desk writing these words so I can go to bed with another day completed and my streak intact. Should I talk about the events of the day...

House Hunting

1 year ago, for day 76 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Today is Sunday, which in the USA is the day, if you are looking to buy a property β€”Β or rent one β€”Β you go looking at the ones that are available. We already have a great house that we would be really happy to continue living in for more...

"I haven't written my words"

1 year ago, for day 75 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Was the answer to my wife as I was heading out of the bedroom and she was on the way in when she asked me "why is the light on in your office?" I've had a long day, I'm tired, I was relaxing on the couch watching an old episode...

AppleTV Woes

1 year ago, for day 74 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Tonight, just as we were going to watch the extras section of Bohemian Rhapsody movie on our TV the AppleTV went on the blink. Literally, the screen would blink rapidly and then go blank for a second, and then blink some more. This happened when we turned on the BluRay...

Tesla Models are: S3XY

1 year ago, for day 73 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Tonight Tesla β€” or rather Elon Musk β€”Β announced the long awaited Model Y. For those that don't know about the Model Y it is to the Model X what the Model 3 was to the Model S, that is the more affordable version. Looking at it, it's a Model...

6,000th pair of EarBuds bites the dust

1 year ago, for day 71 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

While my electric blanket heats up my bed in preparation for snuggling up warm and cozy I am sitting in my office composing yet another three hundred words. The weather in Northern California is getting warmer, but like any desert climate at this time of year it's warm and sunny...

Facebook Crypto Coin

1 year ago, for day 70 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I saw a headline today: Facebook Coin' Could Generate Billions in Revenue for an article in which β€”Β in theory β€” some analyst at Barclays declares that Facebook's Stable Coin could make them anywhere from $3 to $19 billion dollars in additional revenue and It had me thinking as to...