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Salt & Vinegar Crisps

1 year ago, for day 44 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

Lets just face facts, Walkers make the best Salt & Vinegar Crisps and almost no American manufacturer knows how to make a decent version of them. The consequence of this is that I have to ship said product to the USA by the case. _nomenclature diversion: when I talk about...

Taking out the garbage: "it's a man's job"

1 year ago, for day 43 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

Trash pickup is Wednesday morning where I live so I try to gather up all the recycling and garbage from around the house and put it in the appropriate trash cans on a Sunday. Why Sunday, I'm not really sure except that the weekends are when I try to get...

Tracking Exchange Rates

1 year ago, for day 42 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

For those of you that don't know me — which is everyone except @owen who has actually met me — I'm British, live in California have a Welsh wife and I'm also now an American Citizen too. As a consequence of the above sometimes I need to spend money in...

Will it be a good year for the roses?

1 year ago, for day 40 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

When we bought our house in 2016 it came with a bunch of rose bushes, about 15 of them. I'm not a garden maintenance type person and I'm not in the position to pay for garden services. It was time to learn a thing or to about roses. My Dad...

The most important thing to do on New Years Eve.

1 year ago, for day 39 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

I'm not sure how many of us were writing on January 1st 2019. I assume @owen knows or can find out. Nevertheless it looks like there is now twelve authors left with a perfect 2019 streak record — currently 39 days. Other writers have either given up, taken a break...

Facebook is for the unfashionable majority

1 year ago, for day 37 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

In the latest Charged Tech Podcast there was a discussion as to the fact that after GDPR in Europe and the whole Cambridge Analytica scandel plus yet another "scandal" where FaceBook were caught using an internal Apple Enterprise License for an external app that they used to pay teanagers for...

Piss Minunciation of Worms

1 year ago, for day 35 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

That's right, I want to go to bed. I've just finished watching the last episode of the NetFlix TV Series "Sex Education" which I found very funny and highly recommend. I semi-binge watched it over four days — two episodes a night. Now, I am ready to go to bed...

Today's exercise didn't go as planned

1 year ago, for day 34 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

I try to get some exercise every day. Ideally I'll close all my rings on my AppleWatch. Doesn't really happen very often though. More often than not it occurs when I'm away on vacation during which I tend to walk more, hike more, stand more. It's been raining since Friday...

Are we there yet?

1 year ago, for day 33 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

It’s a long time since I was a bored kid in the back seat of my Dad’s Austin Mini, asking the inevitable question… “Are we there yet?”. At least I assume I asked the question. I believe it to be a question that all kids ask their parents when there...

Tonight I recovered my memories

1 year ago, for day 31 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

A word to the wise: just because the old version of your OS could read your old movie files, doesn’t mean the new one can. Always double check before you lose precious memories. Tonight I discovered that the old “first baby steps” movies I shot on a Treo 680 smartphone...