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Battery Replacement Saga Pt 4/9

3 weeks ago, for day 211 by Yorick Phoenix

Part 3 is here I'm typing this on my wife's 13" MacBook Pro Early 2015 at the nearest Apple Store while waiting for my "genius" appointment. Scheduled "genius" appointments aren't available until this coming Saturday afternoon however as I was passing anyway I decided to drop in and see how...

Battery Replacement Saga Pt 3/9

3 weeks ago, for day 210 by Yorick Phoenix

Part 2 is here This morning I started to get replies from the two stores I had sent requests to Saturday night. One explained that they had to run some diagnostics on the machine before Apple would let them order the parts. While this is an added inconvenience it makes...

Battery Replacement Saga Pt 2/9

3 weeks ago, for day 209 by Yorick Phoenix

Part 1 is here After the less that satisfactory results from Best Buy my next port of call was Apple Support. Having had good successes there in the past I found the chat functionality on the support page at apple.com and started waiting. The wait was long. Not sure quite...

Battery Replacement Saga Pt 1/9

3 weeks ago, for day 208 by Yorick Phoenix

_I don't yet know if this is going to be the start of a series of postings that make up a saga or not. In the past when writing them, or at least starting as one is still unfinished, everything has happened. With this series of postings, it will be...

Why this photo?

4 weeks ago, for day 207 by Yorick Phoenix

Last year I uploaded a photo every day (well once I started, every day) to Instagram, Ello and EyeEm. Some of the better ones were accepted into Getty Images. I wrote about this in more detail here. I stopped posting photos at the end of the year. It was...

Solar Cooling

4 weeks ago, for day 206 by Yorick Phoenix

This year is turning out to be a hot one, not just for me in California where it is regularly 100°F+ (37°C+) but for large sections of Europe too. With this year being the hottest year so far, just like last year and the year before that it is looking...

90º @ 9 PM

4 weeks ago, for day 205 by Yorick Phoenix

It was 97ºF (36ºC) when I went shopping this evening. Instead of walking the mile to the store and a mile back as I normally do, I opted to drive. I did not regret that choice too much as I had missed driving my car the last two weeks....

Staying awake

1 month ago, for day 204 by Yorick Phoenix

I’ve been traveling for 23.5 hours and slept for 1 of them. If my grammar is poor or quality low, this is my excuse. I’m writing this on a subway train on my phone with less than 30 minutes left to go - unless I change my timeline to Hawaii....

Goodnight Vienna

1 month ago, for day 203 by Yorick Phoenix

I'm not in Vienna, but this is goodnight. Tomorrow I travel back to California, leaving Wales around 8 AM BST and getting to my home around midnight the same day, but PST (an 8 hour difference). This is easily calculated as a full 24 hours of travel - I have...

Small stuff surprises

1 month ago, for day 202 by Yorick Phoenix

Today was a "filler" day on our Wales vacation. Originally we planned on being at RIAT (see earlier posts), but things became re-arranged before we left California and we resorted to our "things to do the next time we are in Wales" list. Item one was to visit the South...