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Super Tidy

1 month ago, for day 351 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

One evening while wandering around Cardiff looking for food I came across "The Grazing Shed which sells burgers and they were (apparently) voted #1 in Wales. It is now my regular haunt whenever I'm back in town I headed there for lunch. They are probably the best burger in Wales...


1 month ago, for day 349 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I’ve lost my gloves and I’m more than slightly annoyed and definitely not gruntled at all. My wife is pretty certain that they’ll turn up in some odd place in the house where I was when I took them off and distractedly put them down. I hope she is right,...

Well knock me down with a feather

1 month ago, for day 345 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Back on day 317 (roughly four weeks ago) I had a rant about things Apple had done when they split iTunes into the Music and TV applications. I lamented the lost of these features. Technically you could call them regressions of functionality although it has become obvious that as the...

Forcing it

1 month ago, for day 344 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I went for a walk this evening, not because I wanted to but because I needed to. Since I came down with Flu last Saturday (8 days ago) I haven't been in the mood to do any exercise whatsoever. A couple of trips to the shops involved me getting in...

Three Hundred & Forty Three

1 month ago, for day 343 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

That's the number of posts I have written. Surprised myself and to be honest things are really starting to drag. I'll finish out the year as I made a promise to myself that I would. This has been my project for 2019 in the same uploading a photograph everyday was...

Over-engineering re:invention

1 month ago, for day 342 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

At this time of year Spotify created wrapped 2019, the list of the top songs you have listened to. Spotify generates this for you. You have to wonder why Apple doesn't do something similar. Apple does personally curated playlists too and updates them weekly, just like Spotify. It's a way...


1 month ago, for day 340 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I'm not 100%, but I am a lot better. I managed to finish the first version of a new feature that I have been too ill to fix for the last few days - thus putting us behind schedule. That was pleasing. I sold my old AppleWatch Series 3...

Mortgage Hacking

1 month ago, for day 338 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I'm still sick, apologies if this is more rambling than coherence. I saw a tweet the other day about considering a 15 year mortgage over a 30 year mortgage because off all the interest you would save and this person wasn't sure if they were crazy to advise on...

Watch upgrade disperience

1 month ago, for day 335 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

My Series 5 watch arrived a day early. I wasn't got to get a Series 5. I had skipped the Series 4 as I was quite happy with my Series 3+LTE. The only things added seemed minor really. Even the series 5 always on screen was a meh feature that...

Black Thursday

1 month ago, for day 333 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

5K walk done to get the AppleWatch Thanksgiving Award. I’m typing this post on a the brand new iPad that I mentioned previously. This isn’t the normal device that I write on, mainly because my old iPad was slow, typing in glass is hard work and editing annoying. Maybe...