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Today I read a book

10 months ago, for day 148 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

So reading a book is not that revolutionary. I've read books before, even written entire posts summarizing the contents, like here, here, here & here. No, today was different. Today I was having solar panels installed on my roof and a big Tesla PowerWall Battery hung on the outside of...


10 months ago, for day 146 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

I have no idea what it is about some shows that makes them timeless, yet others don't seem to weather so well. I've been watching some old shows lately, old movies and an old radio series. Some work some don't. I'm not sure if its the fact that society has...

e-Mail Migration

10 months ago, for day 145 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

I have used many e-mail programs over the ~~years~~ decades - I may have written about this before, but with nearly 150 posts I'm starting to forget what I have written about and what I haven't. I started using e-mail back in the days before the Internet with Telecom Gold,...


10 months ago, for day 144 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

Douglas Noel Adams I had never heard of Douglas Adams - at least I don' t think so - until a friend at school told me about a radio play that was being broadcast on BBC Radio 4. The Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy it was called. As...

Outsourcing Queueing

10 months ago, for day 143 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

I had tickets to a concert in Oakland at the Fox, for which I was now familiar with the layout having seen many bands perform there before. I knew exactly where I wanted to stand which meant getting there very early to queue outside. For an 8 PM time-slot for...

The Crash is Coming (Definitely, Maybe).

10 months ago, for day 141 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

There has been quite a bit of talk for a while that we are in another stock bubble with the perception that it is only a mater of time before the market crashes. While we have had regular corrections 10-15% in recent years they have never lasted long and you...

Shadow Accounts

10 months ago, for day 140 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

I was listening to the latest Charged Tech Podcast where @owen was discussing that in the past he used Facebook Login for everything he could, which was rather problematic when he cancelled his Facebook account. Social media logins are a really convenient way to use lots of services and only...

Pros & Cons of IMAP4 & POP3 (2/2)

10 months ago, for day 139 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

This is a continuation of Part 1 Cons of POP3 Your mail isn't synchronized. Using multiple devices is a pain. If you lose your e-mail, you better have a good backup. Cons of IMP4 A copy of your e-mail sits on a mail server...

Pros & Cons of IMAP4 & POP3 (1/2)

10 months ago, for day 138 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

There are two main ways to get your mail from an Electronic Mail Server, POP3 and IMAP. Which you chose is really up to you. Almost all e-mail clients let you chose. I say almost, but not all. If you use an online e-mail service like gMail then you are...

I'll see you on the Dark Side of the Moon

10 months ago, for day 137 by Yorick Phoenix 🏆

"And if the band you're in starts playing different tunes I'll see you on the dark side of the moon" That's what a colleague wrote in my leaving card when I quit my job at The Knowledge Based Systems Centre (part of South Bank University at the time)....