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Yahoo still exists, really it does Pt2 (of 2)

7 months ago, for day 11 by Yorick Phoenix

Really, Yahoo? Yes, it still exists, go look: yahoo.com. I remember the days before Google when Yahoo was the search engine. If it wasn't hand indexed by somebody at Yahoo, your chances of finding a site was zero. Then Google came around and it wasn't as good as the curated...

Yahoo still exists, really it does Pt1 (of 2)

7 months ago, for day 10 by Yorick Phoenix

I went to yahoo.com for probably the first time in 15 years on Wednesday. OK maybe it was only 10 years but, trust me, it has been a very very long time since I used my Yahoo account. To my surprise, my account still existed, my password still worked, and...

Didn't sleep well last night

7 months ago, for day 9 by Yorick Phoenix

It's getting late, I have had a long day, I need to go out and get some exercise so I can't put if off any longer, I am going to have to write at least 300 real words that make some coherent sense. Maybe this is a filler post so...

I posted 206 photos, but are they "good art"?

7 months ago, for day 8 by Yorick Phoenix

Taking the call from Neil Gaiman to "make good art" last year I posted 200+ photos that I had taken. Were my photos any good? Were they "good art"? Long ago, back when I was in school (around age 14, whatever grade that is where you live), I used to...

Writing Good or Writing Well?

7 months ago, for day 7 by Yorick Phoenix

Just write and you'll get better they said. Owen said this was the way. Neil Gaiman said it in a commencement speech and encouraged everyone to go make good art. Is this really the only way, commit yourself to writing something everyday regardless of the quality? Apart from the endless...

Engineering approaches to non-engineering problems.

7 months ago, for day 6 by Yorick Phoenix

If you are an engineer and you are faced with a non-engineering type task it is so tempting to apply an engineering solution to the problem that you were given, no matter how inappropriate it is to do so. Thus, I found myself—a software engineer—tasked with writing yet another 300...

How many backups is just too many?

7 months ago, for day 4 by Yorick Phoenix

Those that know me well, know that if I had an actual religion it would be the Church of Backups. A place where all my data (encrypted with a private key) to go worship the coming of the great disk corruption of their platter or the solidification of their state...

Your future is your responsibility

7 months ago, for day 3 by Yorick Phoenix

A friend of mine wrote a - as far as I know well received - book entitled Make your child a millionaire. It wasn't a book about how to raise your child so that they could be the next Jobs, Musk, Gates, Bezos or Zuckerberg. It was about how easy...

Here we go again...

7 months ago, for day 2 by Yorick Phoenix

It's time to write again, and I'm not ready. It's past 11am so I can't claim that it's too early, but still I'm not ready. Well, actually I am ready, I've been ready since 5 minutes after yesterdays post but now I have had to wait and in the intervening...

So this is it.

7 months ago, for day 1 by Yorick Phoenix

I'll just have to stop procrastinating and actually write this thing. I paid my money - or will be, and now I'm committed. The box on the right says I have 4 hours left, which seems like ample time, but it isn't even noon yet. I don't even try any...