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Forced Random Stuff

2 weeks ago, for day 363 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I haven't done any work for the company that employs me since Dec 19th. Initially it was because I was visiting my parents and my daughter, then Festivus, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. When the 27th came around I hadn't done any work and while tempted I forced...

Millennium iFixIt

2 weeks ago, for day 362 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

On the day after Christmas Day (known as Boxing Day in the UK and many British Commonwealth countries) it occured to me that I didn't receive anything to read for Christmas. Books are a common staple for gifts and I gave two people books, yet I didn't receive any. I...

Food Über

3 weeks ago, for day 361 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Today was a lazy day. I'm on vacation / holiday so should be getting some rest and relaxation. We're in the third of our five hotels with everything being good so far. The windows don't open, which is annoying as I always like fresh (outside) air, especially when sleeping. Without...

So This Is Christmas

3 weeks ago, for day 360 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

This post was written the evening of Christmas Day in Wales, regardless of when it actually gets published So this is Christmas and what have you done? Another year over, a new one just begun. And so this is Christmas, I hope you have fun, _The near and the...

CarPlay 13

3 weeks ago, for day 357 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

For the last few days I have been driving around England and Wales - well my wife has been doing the driving with chief navigation duties left to me. Every car that we have rented in the last few years has supported Apple CarPlay. CarPlay, for those that haven't experienced...

Glasto Baby

3 weeks ago, for day 356 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

My wife informs me that nobody says "Glasto baby", they may say "Vegas baby" although I thinks the whole "... baby" has been stolen from Austin Powers "Yeah! baby". Matt Smith did say "Glastonbury, what up baby? when he introduced and then joined Orbital to play the Dr Who...

If It's Monday We're Down The Bay

4 weeks ago, for day 355 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Three months ago I wrote about my crazy Hotel schedule during my Christmas trip back to the UK. One of the stops along the way after Burton-upon-Trent is Liverpool to vist the British Music Experience and see an old colleague. While planning when we would meet for Breakfast and the...

Wonky F6 (Pt 2/2)

4 weeks ago, for day 354 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

In Part 1 I described how I spilled a drink on my keyboard, the fact that the up arrow key now no longer worked as it should I was hopeful that the keyboard would dry out and the up arrow key would stop triggering the F6 key. Meanwhile I...

Wonky F6 (Pt 1/2)

4 weeks ago, for day 353 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Today I did something that I do every few years. I knocked over a can of something spilling a bunch of it on my external keyboard. A quick mop up exercise ensued for damage control. I lost a few pages of my yellow pad (which doubles as a mouse mat),...

The Best Made Plans of Money.

4 weeks ago, for day 352 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Previously in my updates about losing things, this morning I remembered I had a Revolut card that I meant to bring on this UK trip. I have a different UK bank account and associated multi-currency debit card, however I was also interested in giving my Revolut card a go. Note:...