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Chief WriteTogether Bug Finder & character stringer. Generally to create computer code, but sometimes actual words and paragraphs. Listens to lots of music, takes lots of photos, & invests in stocks for the long haul.

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Cost of New Shiny

2 weeks ago, for day 38 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

At what point does the cost of upgrading to the New Shiny become worth it?

Of many things...

2 weeks ago, for day 36 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Selling an AppleWatch, listening to Tycho and BandCamp

400 Days + Smoke

2 weeks ago, for day 35 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

400th post, just a day in the life...


3 weeks ago, for day 33 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

What competition is like the Superbowl but less gay?

February 1, 2020

3 weeks ago, for day 32 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

First up: health update. I don’t have a temperature anymore although I also don’t feel completely over whatever it was that I came down with Thursday night. As a consequence I haven’t done any exercise whatsoever, not even a short walk. Secondly, for the second time I’m typing this in...


3 weeks ago, for day 31 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I fixed the final outstanding bug for today’s release last night, wrote my words, sorted through my e-mail backlog and went to bed. I had already brushed my teeth in advance so as not to disturb my sleeping wife. Collapsing into bed in a.very chilled state completely failing to warm...

Republic vs Democracy

3 weeks ago, for day 30 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

Is the USA a republic or a democracy?

Armchair Driving

3 weeks ago, for day 29 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I fear cruise control, am I right to do so?

Gruber Time

4 weeks ago, for day 24 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I subscribe to the Daring Fireball RSS Feed by John Gruber but almost never listen to his Talk Show Podcast. Sometimes I listen to parts, or at least the start. He definitely has interesting guests in fields in which I have an interest (computer science, all things Apple), but there...

Having A Miley Cyrus

1 month ago, for day 22 by Yorick Phoenix πŸ†

I'm suffering from a minor sinus issue at the moment. Go on try saying "minor sinus" fast and see how you stumble over the syllables. You too may end up saying Miley Cyrus instead, especially if one of your nostrils is blocked because Miley is stuck up there. Meanwhile, enough...