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I keep forgetting what it feels like to be sick

7 months ago, for day 21 by Yorick Phoenix

For the last 40 minutes my Things ToDo reminder has been popping up to remind me that I need to write my 300 words, so here I am laptop on my legs in my hotel room with the Bridesmaid movie on the TV typing away. Yeah, that movie wasn't my...

The long slog

7 months ago, for day 20 by Yorick Phoenix

I now enter the long slog - or as Douglas Adams would call it, the long dark tea-time of the sole. For 19 days I have written my 300 words, excited by the process with something interesting to write about. Today I find myself in a hotel room in Tuscon,...

Should you meet your "heroes"?

7 months ago, for day 19 by Yorick Phoenix

I've often heard, or possibly read that you should never meet your heroes. You'll be disappointed, they say. I can relate to that, after all they could be just ordinary people with ordinary lives and it is us, the fans, that have built them up to be something that they...

Permission to forget

7 months ago, for day 18 by Yorick Phoenix

I’m sitting in Terminal 1 at LAX with 20 minutes before boarding typing away on my iPhone. I used to drive myself crazy with stress that I would forget to do something important. I would make to do lists and check them twice. Most items on the list I couldn’t...

To Fly or Drive

7 months ago, for day 17 by Yorick Phoenix

Tomorrow I travel from the SF bay Area (East East Bay) to Tucson AZ via Phoenix (because, I always need some more Phoenix Branded Apparel). The flights are booked, the car is booked, the hotel is booked. I'll book the Über to BART later today. All in all it is...

Lowes vs The Gym

7 months ago, for day 16 by Yorick Phoenix

Yesterday I did my "exercise" at Lowes instead of going to the Gym. Lowes is a large DIY store in the USA like Home Depot, B&Q, Homebase etc. I quit going to the gym in December 2013 so it wasn't unusual that I didn't end up there. Why I quit...

I'm mad at @owen

7 months ago, for day 15 by Yorick Phoenix

Really I am. Today in todays Charged Tech newsletter he lead people to believe - from my reading - that an Apple Watch is no better than a FitBit on the basis that it is all about counting steps; they both count steps and counting steps has been debunked. The...

The day I deleted a company wide shared Google Calendar (pt 3 of 3)

7 months ago, for day 14 by Yorick Phoenix

Dear readers—of those still with me here. This is the third and final part of the saga of the day I deleted an important company wide Google Calendar. After this, scribblings on other subjects will resume. _Part 2 - which covers how I attempted to recover the calendar -...

The day I deleted a company wide shared Google Calendar (pt 2 of 3)

7 months ago, for day 13 by Yorick Phoenix

I deleted a company wide Google Calendar, that every one has been recording events in the last few years. Not on purpose of course. This is part 2 and covers what happened when I realized that Google couldn't get it back for me. _Part 1 - which covers how...

The day I deleted a company wide shared Google Calendar (pt 1 of 3)

7 months ago, for day 12 by Yorick Phoenix

Deleting events from your Google Calendar gives you 30 days to get them back. Lots of applications do this, they just put stuff the trash. Then 30 days later it is deleted for real. When you delete an entire Google calendar, it's different, they are all instantly gone, forever. #####...