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Thinking about Aesthetics

2 weeks ago, for day 39 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

I've always found it peculiar how wildly different peoples perception of beauty can be when it comes to material objects and spaces. Frequently, while doing some online browsing, I will come across an article of clothing that I can not fathom why someone would ever make, but deep down I...

People Watching

3 weeks ago, for day 34 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

I wonder why it is, from a socio-psychological perspective, that humans enjoy people watching. More specifically, I wonder what it is about other humans being chaotic that is so intriguing. Maybe it's just me, but I get a serious kick out of watching relatively harmless chaos unfold. I remember at...

P.S. I Still don't Remember

3 weeks ago, for day 30 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

Today I had a moment. I was walking with Ian, discussing some economic theory when the topic of rational choice came up. We were discussing something along the lines of economic theories being posited on the notion that humans are rationale actors and then it happened. I tried to recall...

My Trouble with Misinformation

4 weeks ago, for day 28 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

I can't quite pin point why, but something about seeing misinformation discussed so proudly really bothers me. I'm almost embarrassed to say how much it annoys me, but not embarrassed enough not to write about it on the internet. To be clear though, I have a great amount of patience...

Pen and Ink

1 month ago, for day 26 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

One of the courses I am taking this semester is on Sketching and Rendering. On the first day of classes my professor went on a bit of an expose, telling us how sketching something is simply a way of perceiving it and understanding it. Sketching is seeing. Or something like...

Here..? and Now..?

1 month ago, for day 24 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

Perhaps one of the greatest casualties in my innerworld during this pandemic has been my ability to feel content right where I am. True, I have always had a travel bug and the desire to eat every meal with a view, but sometime during the last 9 months that bug...

Life of a Sock (fiction)

1 month ago, for day 23 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

It happened on the corner of Riggs st and R, when I found myself in the position that every cotton woven object dreads. The day started like any other - I was awoken abruptly by the pull of my drawer and exposed to the morning light shining through the window....

Like and Subscribe

1 month ago, for day 20 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

On the most fundamental level, I think that the existence of a social media influencer is such a strange phenomena. Evens stranger is the concept of a lifestyle blogger. Think about it - there are thousands of people on the web right now that have acquired some level of stardom...


1 month ago, for day 19 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

Sitting in the most sun lit corner of my apartment, is a 4- foot tall ficus tree named Alfred. It was love at first sight for me. After tirelessly perusing Facebook market place for some foliage for my new place, I came across a listing for a " great air...

Getting Back in the Water

1 month ago, for day 18 by Sasha Orewa 🔥

Five years ago I almost drowned. I was cliff jumping with some friends when my body became so weak from swimming towards a waterfall that I had to be hoisted to a nearby rock and subsequently given a life jacket to make it back to shore. I wasn't the strongest...

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