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School Schedules for the Real World

1 day ago, for day 51 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

I'm a big fan of procrastination. I subscribe to the idea that procrastination is a defense mechanism to doing things that probably shouldn't be done. We're just letting nature take care of things. However, there are some things that are bad to procrastinate on. Anything related to the generation of...

Starting Out on the Internet

2 days ago, for day 50 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

So you want to build an online business? I'm just gonna say upfront I am not the person to listen to on the topic. I haven't successfully done it myself. I'm working towards it. Starting a business is right alongside personal finance as one of those things I believe they...

Do what you like

3 days ago, for day 49 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

Life is short. Period. It's too short to spend a significant amount of time doing something you don't enjoy. Working a job you hate. Spending time in places when you'd rather be somewhere else. It's easy to say this. Not so easy to do this. There's societal pressure that forces...

A Broken Streak

4 days ago, for day 48 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

Today is a sad day. Yesterday, I simply forgot to write. There was literally no reason for it. I wasn't too busy. I had access to my computer. I was feeling ill. There was even a stretch of time where all I did was play video games for a few...

Writetogether, but for exercise

6 days ago, for day 46 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

I've been talking a lot about consistency recently. One thing I'm most proud of is this writetogether thing. I'm on a 41-day streak. I never dreamed of ever doing that. The only reason I joined this site was that I happened to see a retweet on Twitter. I didn't even...

Healthy Eating

1 week ago, for day 45 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

Eating healthy can be tough. When you work a lot and have little time to cook for yourself. Bad food is so fast and easy. Thanks to food engineering, bad food often doesn't even taste bad. Foods that are high in sugar capitalize on human instincts. Only in the last...


1 week ago, for day 44 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

Here's what seems like my millionth post on consistency. All I can think about lately has been the principle of consistency. I don't have any other ideas to write about. Consistency. Consistency. It's not a very exciting thing. Pretty boring tbh. Who wants to hear about the person who worked...

A Struggle

1 week ago, for day 43 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

About last night. I had written late. I fought sleepiness to stay up and implement a feature on a side project. Yesterday was a busy day. On top of normal work hours, we also replaced our couch which took some time. I didn't have a chance to sit down and...

Context Switching and Doing the Important Things

1 week ago, for day 42 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

It's Monday. I'm winding down off of a weekend high of programming flow. Flow states are a wild thing. They make time go so fast while at the same time make anything that happened right before it feel like it's in a much more distant past. After my first day...

Stay Curious

1 week ago, for day 41 by Ryan Wilson 🔥

Don't fall into the trap. Trap? What trap? The feeling that you know everything you need to know. This can happen for a variety of reasons: Your job becomes repetitive. You are presented with the same tasks day in and day out. You're financially comfortable and don't need...

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