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Day six: Now it’s all about the corona

2 years ago, for day 71 by Roy πŸ’˜

I think this is a good time to have a relaxing cup of tea and think about all the things I will get done from my home office tomorrow.

Day five: Operational resilience during a global pandemic.

2 years ago, for day 70 by Roy πŸ’˜

How will you keep your operations going throughout the spread of the coronavirus and COVID-19?

Day four: Broken tech, buggy software

2 years ago, for day 69 by Roy πŸ’˜

Why is all my stuff broken?

Day three: Gender pay gap in technology

2 years ago, for day 68 by Roy πŸ’˜

Do you sometimes get what you ask for?

Day two: Creativity gone AWOL

2 years ago, for day 67 by Roy πŸ’˜

Have I lost my creative impulses?

Day one: New writing setup

2 years ago, for day 66 by Roy πŸ’˜

Getting ready for the long haul.

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