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On thoughtfulness

3 years ago, for day 18 by Gwendolyn Weston πŸ’˜

Yesterday, I wrote my 300 words in response to a tweet I saw, and after posting it, I was surprised to find myself feeling upset and anxious. I had noticed that while writing it hadn't felt good, but I had thought that once done, there'd be a sigh, a sense...

How should we know what's a bad take?

3 years ago, for day 17 by Gwendolyn Weston πŸ’˜

Someone on Twitter today asked people for " dirty secret that everybody in your industry knows about". For the most part, the answers were educating (if demoralizing), but then I came across a Bad Tech Take. Essentially the claim was most software engineers are frauds who only copy and paste...

What does daily recovery for knowledge work look like?

3 years ago, for day 15 by Gwendolyn Weston πŸ’˜

Via a newsletter from Nadia Eghbal*, I came across this question from Jean Yang: " β€œwhat [does] recovery looks like for people whose work involves giving their minds, rather than their bodies, a beating.” Nadia, in her newsletter, echoes a lot of feelings that I've noticed about myself as well,...

What Does a Daily Feedback Loop Look Like?

3 years ago, for day 14 by Gwendolyn Weston πŸ’˜

In a design thinking class I took a couple years ago, my teacher formulated the three basic questions around evaluating the success of any prototype or product iteration. a) What did you do? b) What happened? c) What would you change? In the context of designing a product, it was...

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