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Product designer based in Amsterdam and hoping to move all my drafts to published this year. @pmarquees on twitter

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speaking to a thousand people

3 years ago, for day 41 by Pedro Marques 💘

This month is the 5 years anniversary of the first time I went up on a stage to give a talk about design. I did that at least 20 times since then but every time is a new challenge, a new story or topic. It kinda amazes me how far...

staying away from the internet

3 years ago, for day 38 by Pedro Marques 💘

Hey there friends, I'm back. One of previous posts was about not knowing what to do next and how to move forward with life so I did what adults do: Took a week off in the mountains with my snowboard and slow internet connections. There's something about isolating yourself from...

Chlorine and Blood

3 years ago, for day 24 by Pedro Marques 💘

I just can't take this anymore.- she said First shot. I'm empty, I'm Empty handed. - she trembled From kilometres away anyone could hear the heavy sound of the gun falling in the floor — kinda louder than the shot itself. Louder than the screams in the hospital corridor. I...

Training AI with design

3 years ago, for day 23 by Pedro Marques 💘

Talking to users and taking their feedback is part of our life as designers and this is where we can contribute the most. When we are talking about building intelligent systems we can be integral part it of by making sure our user's interests and goals are what drives artificial...

it is cool but unethical

3 years ago, for day 22 by Pedro Marques 💘

With the years I came to realise what the tech industry is actually about and now I'm a bit depressed that I'm part of it. In my previous job I was in a team called persuasion, yes as creepy as it sounds; then moved to consumer psychology and proceeded to...

not having things to look forward to sucks

3 years ago, for day 21 by Pedro Marques 💘

Today is my year two mark on not having plans and not wanting anything from life. I'm 27 years old. Everything I wished for and or planned to have and be by the age 40 I managed to conquer, against all odds, by 25. I know this sounds pretentious but...


3 years ago, for day 20 by Pedro Marques 💘

I always thought it would be easier I thought I was doing this for you. Or was it for me? Actually, I've done it for anyone. They always say, all those songs the songs said, but I didn't want to, or I simply couldn't understand. Now you seem to be...

Achados & Perdidos

3 years ago, for day 19 by Pedro Marques 💘

Another post in Portuguese. I'm sorry. Achei que nunca ia achar, mas achei. Achei alguém pra falar, pra ouvir. Achei que você nem existisse, mas achei. Achei que eu teria que te construir, meu frankenstein. Achei você por aí, como quem acha uma moeda. Achei até estranho por não ver...


3 years ago, for day 18 by Pedro Marques 💘

I decided to write this in Portuguese because why now. Felt like finishing this shirt story. Jogue fora o Guarda Chuva. E vem viver sem abrigo, comigo. Eu que nunca fui de reparar em cabelo reparei no seu. Eu que sempre fui muito conversado Não conseguia respirar perto de você....

As machines get smarter, we get dumbest

3 years ago, for day 17 by Pedro Marques 💘

The year is 2087. Jonah has this itchy thing on his arm, he is suspicious, so he pulls up his phone fires up an app and points at the thing: Skin cancer, the app is 100% sure. The year is actually 2018 and we already have software that is...

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