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I made this! I'm a cloud-scale infrastructure engineer πŸš€ turned writer. I like to make products that help humans!

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Feeling accomplished

3 years ago, for day 17 by Owen ✨

How do you know when you're finally good at something? When you're in the thick of it all, that learning process, it feels like you're never good enough. One day, something might click, and you feel somewhat proficient at doing it, but that click often doesn't arrive, or feels impossibly...

I ran out of words

3 years ago, for day 16 by Owen ✨

Hey there, friends. I'm here to say it's Wednesday night, and today I've run out of words. The thing I'm realizing is that as a writer, sometimes it doesn't happen. Occasionally the words don't come out or maybe I'm unable to summon a thought on the topic at hand, and...

Cutting your losses

3 years ago, for day 15 by Owen ✨

Friendships are a strange dynamic: they feel like this infinite rope that binds people together, but at the same time, I'm beginning to learn that perhaps assuming they're forever is setting ourselves up for more pain later. Pop culture fetishizes friendship, in a way, that it'll be there through it...

Falling into writing professionally

3 years ago, for day 14 by Owen ✨

I actually fell into writing professionally, and never really thought it was something I had an interest in doing anything of the sort. I studied a computer science degree, and outside of essays in school, I hadn't written much at all in my first few years of working full-time. Somehow,...

10 seconds

3 years ago, for day 13 by Owen ✨

My run at Jeff's writing prompt for today, describing a slow motion moment that happens over ten seconds.... in many more words. Way harder than I expected, not in love with it, but it came out nonetheless. Heights As Julie reached up extra high to place her climbing pick,...

A few things I find difficult about living in Holland

3 years ago, for day 12 by Owen ✨

It's Saturday, and we're just under two weeks away from heading home to New Zealand for the first time in two years. I'm excited! But as winter has arrived, so have the SAD feelings of wanting to move back. When you move this far away from home there's lots that...

A short story about @ow

3 years ago, for day 11 by Owen ✨

It's a struggle to write on a Friday night, so I thought I'd share a short story about how I ended up on Twitter with a short username (and verification) since I was asked how that works! My original Twitter username was something different: @finding_newo, which is a lot longer...

Red zone

3 years ago, for day 10 by Owen ✨

I'm writing this in response to Jeff's amazing writing prompt from day one of his challenge. I got a bit carried away, but curious what anyone thinks! As the wind calmly whistled around the peaks of the hills, a stillness filled the air. In this place once stood vast,...

General, disorganized thoughts about how building products feels

3 years ago, for day 9 by Owen ✨

I'm having a blast building Write Together, but it's also a good reminder of how much of a roller-coaster building any product really is. I've got two things I built and implemented entirely on my own out in the world now, and it's largely a terrifying experience, with high points...

Choosing not to work

3 years ago, for day 8 by Owen ✨

One of the largest problems I'm dealing with right now is balancing the urge to focus in on my business obsessively, and actually making the most of the free time it can afford a person. I've really enjoyed being able to set my own hours, and the flexibility, but I...

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