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I made this! I'm a cloud-scale infrastructure engineer πŸš€ turned writer. I like to make products that help humans!

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Choosing home

2 years ago, for day 27 by Owen ✨

Deciding where you live is easy, until it isn't, right? If you think about what makes home, let alone where you want to live, however, it gets really difficult. Do you love where you are right now? Do you even think about it? If you don't, that's great, but when...

The tyranny of writing

2 years ago, for day 26 by Owen ✨

Writing is a brutal art. Almost everyone I meet wishes they could write better, and talks about learning, but has either attempted then failed to begin, or tried for a while and given up. We all struggle to externalize our words, emotions and ideas, but writing them down seems to...

The upside-down

2 years ago, for day 25 by Owen ✨

Hello, and welcome to today's edition of "uncollected, messy thoughts from my jet-lagged brain to keep my writing streak." I'm here safely in Melbourne after a pair of agonizingly long flights, penning some thoughts before I finally rest. Thought #1: The most disturbing part of arriving in Melbourne today was...

Three timezones

2 years ago, for day 24 by Owen ✨

I'm here in Dubai airport, realizing that my flight from Amsterdam to Melbourne today is, in a sense, magic. I'm touching three timezones in 24 hours, flying from what are two of the most distant points on the globe, in a matter of hours. When you're in the long slog...

Surviving extra-long flights

2 years ago, for day 23 by Owen ✨

We're flying downunder, from Amsterdam to Melbourne today, and if the thought of the approximately 27 hours of flying isn't terrifying enough to you, what to actually do on those planes is even more anxiety-inducing! I'm not a great flyer like some people, rarely remembering to prepare things like toothpaste...

Why you shouldn't be afraid of the emdash

3 years ago, for day 22 by Owen ✨

There's about writing that people don't ever bother to really understand, but one of the most powerful pieces of punctuation that nobody takes the time to use? The humble emdash. You've probably heard of it, but never really bothered to Google it β€” why would you, it's a line after...

Take Your Pills

3 years ago, for day 21 by Owen ✨

If you've seen the documentary, you'll know what I'm talking about:. Last year, Netflix published a documentary about ADD medication, and it's the most infuriating, fascinating look at a world through the lens of people who abuse ADD medication to 'get shit done' and, in contrast, those who truly depend...


3 years ago, for day 20 by Owen ✨

I've always thought that goal setting as a concept felt icky, and a little unnecessary, but as the years go by, I'm coming to realize that meandering aimlessly is fun, but when push comes to shove it's hard to make coherent decisions in the moment without goals to guide you....

Dear Diary: Could This Be Weird Internet?

3 years ago, for day 19 by Owen ✨

Dear Diary, As I've been writing this every day for the last month and watching everyone else use it as well, I've been thinking that Write Together has filled a void for me that I missed on the internet over the last few years. I miss that sense of being...

What is home, anyway?

3 years ago, for day 18 by Owen ✨

It's almost the fifth year I've been living far from 'home' and I've been thinking a bunch about what that actually means: what is home? What defines it? I struggle, at the moment, to really put my finger on what it is, or the feeling of home, I think because...

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