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I made this! I'm a cloud-scale infrastructure engineer πŸš€ turned writer. I like to make products that help humans!

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Board games

2 years ago, for day 37 by Owen ✨

In lieu of something inspiring today, and having just played a few of them, I thought I'd share my favorite board games (and why) in case any of you are inspired to try something new for the first time, or looking for a better time than Monopoly! 1) Dominion A...

Travel: what do you do?

2 years ago, for day 36 by Owen ✨

I love thinking about all the different things people do when they travel. There's so many different ways to see the world, even though we bucket it with a single, simple word: "travel." When I go somewhere new, if it's a city, I'm obsessed with finding the least trafficked, non-tourist...

Heading Home

2 years ago, for day 35 by Owen ✨

Here's something that feels weird: stepping off the plane at midnight after more than two years away from your own country, heading to bed, and waking up there in the morning. This morning, after a long sleep, I came out of what felt like a long dream about living overseas....

Helping keep the habit

2 years ago, for day 34 by Owen ✨

I've been thinking about how I can make Write Together keep working well for the long haul a lot while I've been AWOL over the last few days in Australia, and I've been rattling over a few ways to transform this into something beyond just the streaks... they're a cool...

Log off

2 years ago, for day 33 by Owen ✨

Sometimes it's important to log off. As Eric wrote today, we can forget that we're working so much, or that we haven't taken a break at all. For me, I'm terrible at logging off at all. If I'm on holiday, I struggle to get rid of 'work' (freelance blurs the...


2 years ago, for day 32 by Owen ✨

Quite often, people ask me how I get so many things done in the day, or where I find the time. While I don't know if I'm a model answer, I think there's a lot each of us can do to maximise our workable time in the day without doing...


2 years ago, for day 31 by Owen ✨

Growing up, you assume family works a certain way, or that it's this constant you will always understand. I'm coming to realize now that family is a complicated set of emotions that often don't line up, driven by how culture expects us to act or behave in regard to them....

Your tools don't matter

2 years ago, for day 30 by Owen ✨

I spend half of my time in the writing world, and the other half immersed in the software development world. It's astounding how much the latter is obsessed with tools, and the pursuit of the best hammer for hitting a nail, rather than actually just doing things. Technology has become...

Just keep writing

2 years ago, for day 29 by Owen ✨

Here's me, not feeling like writing today, but trying to enjoy the ritual of just doing it. Putting the metaphorical pen to the page, so to speak. In lieu of actual, inspirational words – which I will admit is a common, normal thing for any writer – I'm going to...


2 years ago, for day 28 by Owen ✨

It's all that's on my mind because it's what I spent the entire day doing: driving a rental car. I think it's because I don't get to drive often anymore, but I spent quite a lot of time thinking about the thing itself. In New Zealand, it's basically impossible to...

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