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I made this! I'm a cloud-scale infrastructure engineer πŸš€ turned writer. I like to make products that help humans!

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Physical exhaustion

2 years ago, for day 49 by Owen ✨

It feels good to type something on a real keyboard, on this site, after a few days of literally walking around in the wilderness. 40KM doesn't sound like that much distance at all, but when you're walking it over the space of 72 hours, it's a pretty long way. I'm...

Even the wild is online

2 years ago, for day 46 by Owen ✨

Yes, I thought after two days of hiking that I might peek and see if there's internet...and surprise, I get to keep my streak! I'm not checking anything else, but was kinda excited to be able to just submit something and log off. While here in the hut...

Into the wild

2 years ago, for day 45 by Owen ✨

We're off on a three day hike in the wilderness of NZ today, and I'm nervously excited; I've done grueling day hikes before but not a multi-day carry-everything-you-need hike. You've got huge bags. All your water. Big shoes. But, the scary part is being sure you remember everything. Hiking socks?...

Reverse culture shock

2 years ago, for day 44 by Owen ✨

The last few weeks have felt like a blur. Being home is like reverse culture shock, but actually good? It's reminding me how everyone here defaults to being nice, and how service is oriented to just be...human. It's been four years in Amsterdam, and it both feels infinitely long and...

The end of my streak

2 years ago, for day 43 by Owen ✨

I know exactly when my streak is going to end, and it's a weird feeling. I wish I didn't care so much but they're addictive! What I adore, as a roundabout validation of this thing, is that I will have created some of the most personal writing I've ever done...just...


2 years ago, for day 42 by Owen ✨

Yeah, some days are weirdly difficult to summon words. Today I sat in a cafe all day, staring at my screen, desperately trying to do anything except write something. I would write an email, or a tweet, just not a post. I don't know why my mind refuses, but occasionally...

TV vs Movies

2 years ago, for day 41 by Owen ✨

I was never good at watching movies (let alone sitting still), but TV came easily to me: a slippery slope of episodes, one at a time, after each other. Movies, by comparison, feel like a rush to make you immerse yourself in the world so they can make a point....


2 years ago, for day 40 by Owen ✨

What are you passionate about? If I ask you that question and you don't know, what's the first thing that pops into your head? For me, on a dime, it's building things that people want to use. But that's on par with enabling my partner to do what she wants...

undo undo undo

2 years ago, for day 39 by Owen ✨

This post is about my own experiences with religion and, if anything, a motivator to make an anonymous/community-only per-post mode. Please be gentle! I grew up as an immensely religious child. My family was religious, and as often is the case, I was religious by proxy. My earliest memories are...

Defining success

2 years ago, for day 38 by Owen ✨

If you think about success without prompting, what does your mind jump to? Money, fortune, maybe assets – or perhaps a high power job? I've long struggled to define what success is to myself, to the point that I actively avoid trying to decide what that is for me, because...

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