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I made this! I'm a cloud-scale infrastructure engineer 🚀 turned writer. I like to make products that help humans!

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Tags, on your posts

2 years ago, for day 33 by Owen

It's been a bit since I was feeling brave enough to add any major new stuff, but I've got something new for you that I think will help make writing lots of posts easier: custom tags! From right now, any post you make can have tags—as many as you want—which...

A quick congrats for a full year

2 years ago, for day 365 by Owen

When I started this site back in 2018–which feels like forever ago–I figured I'd get in the habit of writing for a few weeks at a time, in bursts, and meet some people along the way. I never thought anyone would write for 365 days in a row, let alone...

Hello, shorter word goals

2 years ago, for day 364 by Owen

Hey there, friends. I've missed you, and it's been a while. I moved to Canada this year, and got a new job over here in Toronto, which means my entire year somehow got sucked into a void of moving countries, navigating a new city, and finding my feet at a...

Some cool new things, just for you

3 years ago, for day 116 by Owen

I haven't shared a post for a while myself, because I've been a little burnt out on writing words from doing it full-time, but I have a really exciting excuse today—we've finally got some incredible improvements for the editor that'll make your life easier. Today, you'll start noticing a number...

Getting the most out of Write Together

3 years ago, for day 80 by Owen

I realized that I never really wrote anything down about how people might be able to get the most out of this thing, or what I think is the best model for thinking about this service. When I launched Write Together, I thought of it in a different way than...

Ambition, being content, and other thoughts

3 years ago, for day 79 by Owen

I'm stuck in a loop at the moment about never being happy with the things I'm working on, have done, and so on. I've been thinking a bunch about ambition–or maybe a ridiculous idea of how you want something to be better–and how much of a burden it can be....


3 years ago, for day 70 by Owen

Whatever anyone tells you about freelancing doesn't really encapsulate the feeling of being cut loose, set free into the abyss to choose your own destiny and figure out what you want to do with every hour, minute and second of the day. They also don't tell you about what that...

Sleep, or lack thereof

3 years ago, for day 63 by Owen

I can't think of much else right now other than the fact that I should be sleeping. Instead, I'll find a bunch more ways to procrastinate from sleeping: maybe it's playing a game, writing this post, checking my email, or something else... there's always an excuse until, oops, it's midnight!...

Writing drought

3 years ago, for day 62 by Owen

Writing is tied to my emotional state, and when I'm feeling a particularly strong emotion—weariness, inadequacy, anything else—I find myself unable to put pen to page. Nothing flows out, no matter how hard I try. As you can imagine, it's difficult enough to do for a full time living when...

Endless flying

3 years ago, for day 56 by Owen

After a whirlwind last few days in New Zealand, I just spent the last 30+ hours on planes, winding my way back to 'home' in the Netherlands. It's nice to be back, but it's painful too. I'm so glad to be in the space that's mine, in control of my...

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