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Currently I'm a full-time blogger and social influence dabbler. I'm currently a few months in to a year long plan to become a better writer and build a reasonably accepted blog. Also planning to try my hand at short videos and podcasts.

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How I started my blog

2 years ago, for day 89 by Neecee B 💘

The following pictures that have been altered are from roughly seven months after the first creation. By this point I had fully saturated all of my friends with a flood of posts on Facebook, which at the time was my only social outlet that I would upload anything to. A...

Out of the mouths of babes

2 years ago, for day 88 by Neecee B 💘

Memories have been something I have been wading through the last few months . The memories I have from my childhood are rarely good. But I have wonderful memories of my children. My daughter is often the source of the memories in which there was a mix up. One story...

OCD and Me

2 years ago, for day 86 by Neecee B 💘

My joy these days has been coming from the whole process of building and running my blog. This happifies me because it is a therapeutic way for me to process memories. Here I am creating articles from my past and present. I am truly my own boss and able to...

Violence when I was ten years old

2 years ago, for day 82 by Neecee B 💘

As a child my mom was never able to pick "good men" and my step father was the epitome of that. My mom had a way about her though that would bring out the devil from a saint. She was a sloppy drunk had no skills as a wife or...

My summer at 8 years old

2 years ago, for day 75 by Neecee B 💘

A great memory from my childhood is a trip with my grandparents. We went through the national parks that particular summer, I saw a deer very up close. I Remember my grandfather talking shit about a parent allowing their child to get too close. It was a different side of...

A sad day

2 years ago, for day 74 by Neecee B 💘

No one is actually dead until the ripples they cause in the world die away. T P Wanted to write something profound this week. Not sure I have it in me though. I have been sleeping for like a week. Probably depression. Another old friend passed away the other day....

Just signed up today.

2 years ago, for day 72 by Neecee B 💘

Intro, first post. Just a journal entry.

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