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Currently I'm a full-time blogger and social influence dabbler. I'm currently a few months in to a year long plan to become a better writer and build a reasonably accepted blog. Also planning to try my hand at short videos and podcasts.

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My feelings lie

2 years ago, for day 120 by Neecee B 💘

I used to believe every emotion I had was real. And every one around me should acknowledge those feelings as real. I now understand emotions can be our brains way to protect us situations that it perceived harm. When your brain is always on high alert I have to accept...

Must Love Dogs

2 years ago, for day 117 by Neecee B 💘

When we are young they are often our first time in learning responsibility. We grow with them and they may be our first experience with death. As we get older the role often changes but is no less important. For some it's our children's best friend as we watch the...

My Dog Was Stolen

2 years ago, for day 105 by Neecee B 💘

I have a french mastiff which we paid a lot of money for. I live in a ghetto area. Which was fine until the virus came along. My neighborhood lost its mine. I was tipped off to the crazy when we drove by the gun store and there was a...

What doesn't kill you, might make you wish it had

2 years ago, for day 97 by Neecee B 💘

Progress is moving along pretty well for my blog page. I have always wanted to get some stories out of my soul and put them somewhere instead of carrying them with me. As I have gotten older I really have realized that all of these memories have been holding me...

My father was criminally insane conclusion

2 years ago, for day 96 by Neecee B 💘

My father also let me know that it was a common rumor that I was the child of a friend of theirs. I also heard that as a child. I believe my mother wished that to be the truth. When that particular friend passed away my mom took it pretty...

My father was criminally insane part 3

2 years ago, for day 95 by Neecee B 💘

I never was able to reconcile that statement from my mother knowing the atrocities she allowed to happen to me and in some cases invited to be done. When I sat across from my father though either at the facility or on that Easter day I only felt love from...

My father was criminally insane part 2

2 years ago, for day 95 by Neecee B 💘

I was 17 when I remember seeing him last. I had my son and stepson with me and it was Easter I believe. I met him at his childhood home with my grandmother as the host for the event. My father and I sat down and talked about the life...

My father was criminally insane part 1

2 years ago, for day 94 by Neecee B 💘

I have a lot of stories but it seems that they come to me slowly one at a time. I think about years that are really faded now that I'm older. I wish I had started writing my stories down a long time ago. It seems that they come to...

Happiness Seems to Frantic to Me

2 years ago, for day 92 by Neecee B 💘

I have worked in what I consider to be service jobs to my country as navy sailor then as a contractor for the army. For a short time I worked for child protective services. I have also adopted two children through CPS. I feel like my identity is tied to...

The outbreak continues

2 years ago, for day 90 by Neecee B 💘

Really just slept through my day. My schedule has changed to being awake only at night. I t works fine with my blogging but limits my ability to get any chores done. Of course stuff around the house is fine but anything else is pretty tough. Still very concerned about...

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