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My goal is to one day write fiction so ridiculous and implausible that it mimics reality.

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Squatty potty pro-tips for Americans in China

1 year ago, for day 29 by Mimi Dagger 💘

As an American, I should have been more startled by China's toilets. Known amongst us "foreigners" as squatty potties, the generally ceramic-lined holes in the floor that served as poop receptacles left many Americans hanging. Literally. Squatting isn't a natural position for we Yankees. However, since I'd spent a few...

Filler Bunny's stream of consciousness Safari

1 year ago, for day 25 by Mimi Dagger 💘

I'm going on a safari. Through a jungle of words a jumble of sentences a tangle of punctuation. Meandering through meaning playing with points--alliteration my ally, sharpening my pen-sword on the rocks of repetition. Nothing scares me. I am fearless in the face of Resistance, who whispers to me, edit,...

Tinderella's Problem

1 year ago, for day 23 by Mimi Dagger 💘

I'm sitting by myself at the bar in my reddest dress at 9:20 PM on a Wednesday. My very first Tinder date was a bust. Since I drove to the bar I'm nursing a sugar-free Red Bull despite an urge to order it with vodka. He showed up in black...

Amy Winehouse, role model of my trainwreck

1 year ago, for day 15 by Mimi Dagger 💘

Ten years ago, I was fascinated by Amy Winehouse. Though her biggest hits were recorded in 2006, it wasn't until Amy started her downward cycle that I began to feel a kinship with her. While words like hypomania and cognitive behavior therapy and outpatient programs were being added to my...

Waking the siren

1 year ago, for day 12 by Mimi Dagger 💘

As the rage formed inside her like the rapid growth of crystals, brittle and unyielding, Saffron found her voice. The professor stared at her as if she were a beetle, an unwanted presence. A song appeared in her head with lyrics that shone in front of her like golden script...

Small town memory

1 year ago, for day 11 by Mimi Dagger 💘

Returning to small-town life has its challenges--but I didn't expect mine to come in the form of my favorite clerk at 7-11. Yesterday as I was talking with her, she said, "You've been here before." As this was true at least four times this week she had to continue. "You...

His gaze, a vignette

1 year ago, for day 10 by Mimi Dagger 💘

Stacy could feel glances on her skin as if being touched. Her dress exposed the curves she'd kept hidden for so long. The attention, the wandering eyes that caught and lingered on her as she moved through the crowded room made her excited and made her want to flee at...

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