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Hi! I'm Max. I'm an American expat living in Amsterdam. I work as a software engineer, currently at a cool place called Picnic.

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Sunday 10/02/2019

1 week ago, for day 41 by Max 🔥

Alright, so the plan for the trip is starting to look more real. We've slept on it and it still seems OK, although it involves a massive road trip from Mississippi to Virginia. This seems insane, but I've done this trip before. Except for this time, I'll be the only...

Starting to plan for another vacation

1 week ago, for day 40 by Max 🔥

Oh, how time flies. What I've been telling myself was always "4 months away" turns out to be a lot sooner! We've got to start planning for an upcoming vacation, which is logistically even more difficult than the last. Planning a trip is a lot of work and stress, as...

Random thoughts

1 week ago, for day 39 by Max 🔥

Alright 16 minutes to the deadline, let’s get this post written before time runs out and I’m back to an empty streak. Literally have nothing to write about again. After a short time off due to sickness I’m back in action feeling better than.... before. I’m not back to feeling...

Not sick anymore!

1 week ago, for day 38 by Max 🔥

Finally after what felt like an eternity, but was actually just about 3 days, my fever broke and I finally show improvements as my body apparently killed the virus that was causing me so much discomfort. I was still tried and not 100%, but so much better than the days...

Still sick (flu probably)

2 weeks ago, for day 37 by Max 🔥

Another day, another 50 tissues down, and still sick. Perhaps even worse. This really feels like the flu now. I'm terrible at handling bodily pain, so I'm very bad at handling this. I can't bring myself to do much, except sit and let the days pass until I feel better....

Still sick - pls ignore

2 weeks ago, for day 36 by Max 🔥

Today I woke up with a headache, muscle aches, and a stuffy nose. Thankfully for the time being I live in a country with generous time off for sick days, so I took advantage of that to try and get some rest. I did manage a little bit of work,...

Exactly 300 words about feeling sick today

2 weeks ago, for day 35 by Max 🔥

It starts with a tingle. Not quite an itch, but a sensation from somewhere inside. Like the hint of coming rain that you think you got a whiff of as you walk outside. Then, hours pass, a whiff turns to an odor turns into a sprinkle which turns into a...

FOSDEM experience: too full

2 weeks ago, for day 34 by Max 🔥

I've just gotten home from FOSDEM 2019, in Brussels. This was my second year at FOSDEM, and instead of rain the whole day we had snow the entire day, which I think is preferable. Thanks for my employer I didn't have to pay for my train ticket, and thanks to...

Trying to learn Dutch

2 weeks ago, for day 33 by Max 🔥

It’s surprisingly easy to get around the Netherlands not speaking any Dutch. When I first moved here, I of course didn’t know anything but a few words in Spanish that I learned in high school. When I got here, I was happy to see that everyone I met spoke English...

Going to FOSDEM

2 weeks ago, for day 32 by Max 🔥

I’ve changed my mind and I’m actually going to the FOSDEM conference!. I’m writing this from the Thalys train on the way there. We’re cruising along at just about 300 km/h, making it a quick 2-hour ride from Amsterdam. It would go a lot faster except it takes time navigating...

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