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Product Analyst ConvertKit. YouTuber I side hustle with a Bullet Journal & productivity systems.

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What kind of work do you enjoy? Why is that work meaningful to you?

3 years ago, for day 15 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

I think about the nature and necessity of work a lot. I've been working since I was about 13 and held a lot of odd jobs before getting in to tech. So in the course of doing a lot of different things I've had some experiences to compare/contrast why I...

A few of my favorite things

3 years ago, for day 14 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

So I made up bunch of prompts for these days to help me just fuckin' write. Have you been able to tell? This was today's, but I was also writing and thinking about the nature of chaining a practice together. Jerry Seinfeld famously had a habit of writing one joke...

What is something at home or work that you could batch together or automate?

3 years ago, for day 13 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

As usual, a couple things jump to mind for me. The one that's top of mind for me right now is meal prep and planning. It's something we've struggled with for a bit and are really focused on improving in 2019. This morning I made my son's oatmeal for the...

Micro Habits and Kaizen

3 years ago, for day 12 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

If you're like most people you feel a bit stuck on how to get started on goals or habits. Having a plan is one thing, taking action is another. James Clear refers to this as "being in motion". Hopefully you've had some practice in the first two lessons with your...

Continuous Progress and Small Habits

3 years ago, for day 11 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

I've been thinking a lot on breaking my goals and systems down to the smallest components. I think by doing this I'll make progress so laughably easy that I'll feel silly not doing it. The method I'm thinking on has its roots in Japanese manufacturing, specifically Toyota. One of the...

What book have you given most to others?

3 years ago, for day 10 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

I'll admit this is a prompt taken from the Tim Ferriss Show podcast. It's a common one that he asks guests and I find it fascinating. I've given a few books with regularity. Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday (life lessons & philosophy) Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss...

What’s a book or movie that changed the way you saw the world?

3 years ago, for day 9 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

There are a lot of books for me, I'll do my best to summarize a few. By the way if you want to list multiple books or movies too that's fine :) The Screwtape Letters (CS Lewis) - even if you're not a Christian it's a fascinating study of...

​What did you study in school? Would you do anything differently now?

3 years ago, for day 8 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

I know I would. ​I studied sports and recreation management at the University of Florida. I enjoyed the classes and learned a lot, but though my 18 year old self shudders a bit at the thought, I'd do something more "practical". There's something to be said for having a skill...

What’s a problem or trend you have trouble fixing?

3 years ago, for day 7 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

Here's one of mine - in my family we spend way too much money on food. I would say food spending ratio is at least 20-25% of our income. That's with two adults and a 3 year old, 1 month old will be eating sooner rather than later! It's been...

The impact of your home environment as it relates to eating

3 years ago, for day 6 by Matt Ragland πŸ’˜

The environments we live and work in have an outsized impact in how we live, yet are one of the most overlooked elements of improving productivity, habits, and happiness. The impact of environment is one of the biggest drivers of behavior in both positive and negative ways. A healthy environment...

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