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I'm a software engineer at a little company called Square! In my spare time I like bicycling, bouldering, photography and coding. I hope to write a bit about my interests, but also dive into fictional stories at some point as well.

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Why I love Masterclass

2 years ago, for day 3 by Daniel Lett 💘

Masterclass, if you haven't heard of it, is a platform where you can go and take a class from the people who are the best in their field. Whether it's Serena Williams teaching tennis, Annie Leibovitz teaching portrait photography or Aaron Sorkin teaching screenwriting, I love watching these classes even...

Having Hobbies

2 years ago, for day 364 by Daniel Lett 💘

I work for a tech company that doesn't allow me to have side projects like this very one that Owen has started here. When I started working for this company I had to sell the portion of my company that I was building on the side to my cofounder. At...

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