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I recently got a Master's degree in IT Product Design and I'm currently looking for my first job! ✨

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Reading inside, Fall outside

1 day ago, for day 292 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

It seems reading before going to sleep for 4 nights in a row has kicked my brain into reading mode. Or more accurately it could be described as 'craving reading mode'. Tonight I've felt like reading but for some reason, I haven't. I think it's partly because I have my...

Being alive in the moment

2 days ago, for day 291 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

The story is done and now it's just the other 200 words that's gonna get written. Oh, hi Yorick! Thanks for reading, I felt you deserved a shoutout. I feel like as a human, I constantly long for my situation to get better. I think that's pretty natural? I don't...

Sunday and half a day

3 days ago, for day 290 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I'm trying a different approach today so I'll be writing my words now, in the early afternoon. I feel like I woke up 10 times this morning and decided it was too late to get up to go swimming about 5 times. I did get up early enough to go...

IQ test and time for sleep

4 days ago, for day 289 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

Today was the day of the Mensa IQ test! I've been waiting a long time for this and I've been pretty excited about it. I know it's kinda dumb; an IQ test doesn't say all that much about a person. Still, logic tests are one of the few things I'm...

Done and done!

5 days ago, for day 288 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I want to give up, I want to be done with writing. I've had a migraine of varying intensity all day and I've been procrastinating the writing. It's 10:30PM and I want to go to bed. I will do my writing first and you will have to read about me...

My head hurts too much to come up with a nice title

6 days ago, for day 287 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

Tonight writing feels counterproductive. I have a left-sided migraine and all I truly want to do is take a shower and get to bed. I tried with a couple of naps on the couch and I think it helped a tiny bit, at least enough to get me to sit...

Decay, worries and life side by side with death

1 week ago, for day 286 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

There are now no posts between my two latest posts. It feels weird, in a way. I can't determine if it feels weird because I actually find it weird or if it feels weird because I tell myself it should feel weird about it. Is it normal to get not...

Here I am and there they were

1 week ago, for day 285 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

As I entered the site once more, I saw the title of Ilya's post and immediately began procrastinating writing today's words. I think the last two and a half months will be difficult for me to finish. But I'm determined I'll do it! I shared the story I wrote yesterday...

Beeping, darkness, and coincidences

1 week ago, for day 283 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

It's Sunday evening and I'm slowly but steadily getting the things done I need done before a new week begins. I noticed today that I love the sound of my dishwasher (it's rhythmic and calming) and despise the washing machine (it's demanding and obnoxious). The signal the washing machine makes...

Weekend and a story about us

1 week ago, for day 282 by Kirstine Granzow Larsen 🥁

I (finally!) got to see 'Dune' in the theater. It's been out here for about 3 weeks. I probably would have seen it sooner if it wasn't because my dad wanted to see it too. It's not a movie for my mom so I figured he wouldn't go watch it...