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Can I apply design thinking to my life? (1 of n)

1 year ago, for day 104 by Kent de Bruin

The combination of digital services and human creativity is powerful. If you bundle the two you can create this enormous amount of knowledge and power. Over the last year, I developed my own productivity system. I have put great effort into designing all the elements in my own life. Thinking...

Takeaway: a case study (5 of 5)

1 year ago, for day 103 by Kent de Bruin

Now that we finally had ideas that were different enough to be interesting, yet coherent enough to respond to our new problem statement, we could actually explore how these ideas would take​ ​form. In our first prototyping attempt, we chose to prioritize the functions according to what we mainly wanted...

Takeaway: a case study (4 of n)

1 year ago, for day 102 by Kent de Bruin

II. Explore Because we spent a long time on understanding the problem and what the problem is with the problem, we started the exploration phase with a clear idea of what it is we were trying to solve. The focus on the moment "waiting time", and more particularly the...

Takeaway: a case study (3 of n)

1 year ago, for day 101 by Kent de Bruin

b. Define i. Desk Research The purpose the desk research was to gain an understanding of as a brand and the market it is operating in. Three key documents were identified: the 2016 Thuisbezorgd Annual Report, the Mckinsey & Company report (World food delivery market) and the...

Takeaway: a case study (2 of n)

1 year ago, for day 100 by Kent de Bruin

I. Understand Because the Design Thinking theory was new to all of us, it took some time before we fully understood the process. Our lack of experience in applying the theory led us to feel a bit overwhelmed since at the beginning we didn’t see it as a set...

Takeaway: a case study (1 of n)

1 year ago, for day 99 by Kent de Bruin

As part of my education at Hyper Island we worked on a three-week design thinking sprint. In collaboration with Dutch food delivery service ( we developed a new digital product. This case study explains the steps that were taken in dissecting our brief from We outline the phases...

Brand swag Acaboo

1 year ago, for day 98 by Kent de Bruin

1/ IT’S ALL ABOUT FOUNDERS Who are you? Give us 3 words to describe each of you. Mikel: Keto fast, health freak, blockchain Kent: Apple, tennis, brand whore Mark: Geek, double chocolate milk, BLIEEP Who does what in your startup? Mikel: CEO, funding, Sales, business strategy, financials, dealmaking Kent: Product,...

Pitching reflection

1 year ago, for day 94 by Kent de Bruin

Today my energy level is really low and I am just tired of the last few days. I will just crank out those 300 words and hopefully tomorrow I can find more time to actually write about something more interesting. The last few days I have been busy with doing...

Pitch Acaboo

1 year ago, for day 93 by Kent de Bruin

Whoever had the problem of procrastination? Let’s be honest, we all faced the situation wherein the last few days before your exam you still had to do all the work. There is no motivation, no incentive to actually open that study book and start studying. And the only time students...

Pitch ASIF: Acaboo

1 year ago, for day 92 by Kent de Bruin

*Tomorrow I have to pitch at a startup event here in Amsterdam. It's going to be the first time that I will 'perform' in front of a bigger audience and I am both nervous and really excited. Today I practiced my pitch for some friends and they already gave valuable...

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