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Eternal employment: zero tasks

1 year ago, for day 118 by Kent de Bruin

Imagine: For the rest of your life, you are assigned no tasks at work. You can watch movies, read books, work on creative projects or just sleep. The only thing you have to do is clock in and out every day. The position is permanent so you won’t ever have...

Exploring zero-sum games: Only one can win (2 of n)

1 year ago, for day 117 by Kent de Bruin

Let me remind you that you can't see the entire economy as zero-sum. It is the opposite: every voluntary transaction is an exchange benefiting both the buyer (who got what he wanted at a price he was willing to pay) and the seller. If you look at it from another...

HobbyFinder onboarding flow - a UX case (2 of n)

1 year ago, for day 116 by Kent de Bruin

Building a persona Now that we knew our initial problem statement it was time to dig deeper into the target user of HobbyFirst. Right now, HobbyFirst was a curated directory of all kinds of different hobbies. Because proper research into the users was beyond this scope we decided to...

HobbyFinder onboarding flow - a UX case (1 of n)

1 year ago, for day 115 by Kent de Bruin

HobbyFinder Starting a new hobby often requires time and money - but if you don't have much either, you can skip the expensive in-person classes or tutorials and download HobbyFinder. HobbyFinder is an app that helps users start a new hobby, discover where to find lessons, online instructional videos...

Acaboo - A product case study (1 of n)

1 year ago, for day 114 by Kent de Bruin

*Another case for my portfolio. This time one for my own startup Acaboo. I have hard on this for the last couple of months and it is finally all coming together. We have put a lot of effort into finalizing the designs of the product and it is very exciting...

DGTL festival

1 year ago, for day 111 by Kent de Bruin

Yesterday I went to DGTL festival in Amsterdam. It was my first festival of the year and it was absolutely beautiful weather. 25 degrees, out in the sun and excellent music. Today, the day after has been one of these days where you don't do jack shit. I laid down...

Planning in life

1 year ago, for day 110 by Kent de Bruin

Doing is daily, planning is longterm. It is important to look ahead. A couple of years ago I read the book 'Seven Habits of Highly Effective People' from Sean Covey. The second habit of the book is "Begin with the end in mind". Covey makes the distinction between mental first...

Reviewing your life

1 year ago, for day 109 by Kent de Bruin

I have been writing about designing my own life. One element I implemented is reflecting regularly to stay on track. Starting with all the different elements is one thing. But you can’t just wait and watch everything unfold the way you want. You will need a systematic approach to review...

How cities change because of self-driving cars? (3 of 3)

1 year ago, for day 108 by Kent de Bruin

Cloud kitchens And guess what? Travis Kalanick, ex-CEO, and co-founder of Uber is currently ramping up a new company called CloudKitchens. The man who co-invented the algorithmic ridesharing revolution must know a thing or two about autonomous vehicles. After being pushed out as head of Uber, he is now working...

Can I apply design thinking to my life? (2 of 2)

1 year ago, for day 107 by Kent de Bruin

Empathize This means understanding yourself. By going through all the different activities in my life I tried to get specific for what is important for me. Getting an understanding of yourself is harder than you might think. You have to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. Digging in your own...

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