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Journal entry 05/20/2019, Monday

1 day ago, for day 140 by JEREMY HATCH

This past weekend was quite nice. In terms of reading, I devoted it principally to clearing out the current pile of magazines, and I got through everything old except for a couple issues of TIME which I probably won’t really be reading. Before grocery shopping we spent some time at...

My first decade, part 2

2 days ago, for day 139 by JEREMY HATCH

Yesterday I got as far as my mother's side of the family and the fact that I essentially grew up Catholic. This is true insofar as religion played a role in our lives, which actually wasn't all that much apart from one year when I went to a Catholic school....

Notes toward a memoir: my first decade

3 days ago, for day 138 by JEREMY HATCH

Over the last several years I've made several attempts at writing some kind of memoir, mostly without making much headway. I've taken various approaches, but the one obvious approach I haven't yet tried is the strictly chronological. There's a reason for that: it's the most boring approach. But yesterday I...

creative resistance and the obnoxious forms it can take

4 days ago, for day 137 by JEREMY HATCH

05/17/2019, Friday, 8:13 AM Today is the single release day, and actually also the launch day for this entire project. I’m not going to front, the self-doubt is really strong today. That is typical of course in the moment of presenting anything new to the world and I have learned...

some morning musings

5 days ago, for day 136 by JEREMY HATCH

Late start today. Didn’t really get up until 10:00, which is an hour later than I usually allow myself. But for a Thursday, that’s pretty normal. It’s a relatively light teaching day and lessons don’t start until fairly late, so Thursday morning has become my weekly morning for lolling around...

A new band for old songs

6 days ago, for day 135 by JEREMY HATCH

Last night I stayed up until about midnight working on the first official video for a music project I am launching on Friday with a new single. The project is called The Sea Changes and it’s the home for my singer-songwriter stuff, which I’ve been describing as folk music with...

My Language Studies

1 week ago, for day 134 by JEREMY HATCH

[Just a site-related note: I seem to be unable to upload a user image. Is this reserved for paid accounts out of the trial period?] Well, the weather turned suddenly, as people were telling me it would, and now it’s 52 degrees and raining out, a little too heavily to...

My Ideal Daily Routine

1 week ago, for day 133 by JEREMY HATCH

So a little ways down the feed I saw that Rin posted her daily routine, so I thought I’d write about that topic too. This is what I’m doing today, and it’s what I want to do every day for the next little while — not really what I have...

Journal 2019-05-12

1 week ago, for day 132 by JEREMY HATCH

It’s Mother’s Day — going to have to call my mom and send out good wishes to all the mothers I know. Which is a lot of people. The recital went really well. It was my first one in Portland for my private students — my third overall, including the...

Why Am I Here?

1 week ago, for day 131 by JEREMY HATCH

So here’s my background. For all of my late teens, twenties, and early thirties I wanted to be a WRITER. Literature was my passion and I worked hard at it. I wrote short stories, poems, even a couple of novels, and I moved to a city with a vibrant literary...

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