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Designer by day, aspiring author by night. Feedback always appreciated as I work to grow as a fiction writer!

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More of Hans

2 months ago, for day 34 by Jeff Stolz

Still continuing to rewrite and expand on Hans. Lots of this I've posted before, some new stuff at the end. Have to get this one in before I turn into a pumpkin at midnight - was too busy with the Superbowl tonight :) Hans Shreiber Hans was born into a...

Refining Hans' Character Background

2 months ago, for day 33 by Jeff Stolz

Hans was born into a wealthy, elite steel family in the German Ruhr Valley in the late 1800s. He was a slight, inquisitive, and awkward boy. His classmates bullied him due to his weak, passive nature. His father was tough, and largely ignored and beat Hans. The father took his...

Friday Night - just keeping the streak going

2 months ago, for day 32 by Jeff Stolz

Here to fill in my words for the streak, don't mind me. Recently I saw the recent Spiderman and was completely blown away. I wouldn't have ever expect to go to ANOTHER theater to watch ANOTHER reboot of Spiderman. I specifically remember watching Spiderman 3, by myself, in a movie...

Continuing to flesh out Hans - revisions

2 months ago, for day 31 by Jeff Stolz

Father was a steel baron - ran a very rich steel firm, family run, called the “Alfred Shreiber AG” in the Ruhr valley - Dortmoud - before merging with a large conglomerate “Krupp AG”, leading the steel production in Germany. They manufactured weapons and ammo for the German troops in...

Notes on my character Hans

2 months ago, for day 30 by Jeff Stolz

Building out a high level bio, will continue to peel off layers of the onion... Trying to flesh him out as a real character & person, create someone that would actually be driven to explore the cataclysmic event, and line up the real history of WW2. Still doing surface level...

Beginning to flesh out my characters

2 months ago, for day 29 by Jeff Stolz

So, I'm tossing around an idea for a novel - an alternate history / science fantasy, similar to harry turtledove stuff but told from more of a personal, human, limited third person perspective. It'll take place in the early stages of WW2, and expands on the rogue, but recognized, fear...

Attended my first writers workshop - total imposter syndrome

2 months ago, for day 28 by Jeff Stolz

Being in Boston, there are lots of opportunities to meet with other writers, take courses, and attend workshops and meetups. Last night I joined my first workshop - it's a 10 day course on Science Fiction and Fantasy at a place called "Grubstreet." It was really cool and educational, but...

Introducing Story Walks: Exercise for out of shape designers

2 months ago, for day 27 by Jeff Stolz

So I sit down a lot, all day, and then I go home and sit down some more. I also happen to like pizza. Coincidentally, I've been gaining some weight. SO, I felt motivated to walk around the neighborhood today, and just meditate on the book I want to start,...

This is getting hard...

2 months ago, for day 26 by Jeff Stolz

Experiencing a bit of writers block as of late :) I was incredibly motivated and churning out prompts left and right for the first month, but am starting to slow down in enthusiasm as my coursera course has come to a close. It's tough, I'm feeling a bit lost and...

How D&D Made Me Better at Facilitating Design Sprints

2 months ago, for day 25 by Jeff Stolz

Yes, dungeons and dragons. A board game where a group of people detach from their current lives, sit around a table, and pretend to be sword-wielding elves, orcs, and halflings for a few hours. I’ve played this game all of my life and have been drawn to this imaginative, cooperative,...

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