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Designer by day, aspiring author by night. Feedback always appreciated as I work to grow as a fiction writer!

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More of Hans

2 weeks ago, for day 34 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

Still continuing to rewrite and expand on Hans. Lots of this I've posted before, some new stuff at the end. Have to get this one in before I turn into a pumpkin at midnight - was too busy with the Superbowl tonight :) Hans Shreiber Hans was born into a...

Refining Hans' Character Background

2 weeks ago, for day 33 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

Hans was born into a wealthy, elite steel family in the German Ruhr Valley in the late 1800s. He was a slight, inquisitive, and awkward boy. His classmates bullied him due to his weak, passive nature. His father was tough, and largely ignored and beat Hans. The father took his...

Friday Night - just keeping the streak going

2 weeks ago, for day 32 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

Here to fill in my words for the streak, don't mind me. Recently I saw the recent Spiderman and was completely blown away. I wouldn't have ever expect to go to ANOTHER theater to watch ANOTHER reboot of Spiderman. I specifically remember watching Spiderman 3, by myself, in a movie...

Continuing to flesh out Hans - revisions

2 weeks ago, for day 31 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

Father was a steel baron - ran a very rich steel firm, family run, called the β€œAlfred Shreiber AG” in the Ruhr valley - Dortmoud - before merging with a large conglomerate β€œKrupp AG”, leading the steel production in Germany. They manufactured weapons and ammo for the German troops in...

Notes on my character Hans

3 weeks ago, for day 30 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

Building out a high level bio, will continue to peel off layers of the onion... Trying to flesh him out as a real character & person, create someone that would actually be driven to explore the cataclysmic event, and line up the real history of WW2. Still doing surface level...

Beginning to flesh out my characters

3 weeks ago, for day 29 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

So, I'm tossing around an idea for a novel - an alternate history / science fantasy, similar to harry turtledove stuff but told from more of a personal, human, limited third person perspective. It'll take place in the early stages of WW2, and expands on the rogue, but recognized, fear...

Attended my first writers workshop - total imposter syndrome

3 weeks ago, for day 28 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

Being in Boston, there are lots of opportunities to meet with other writers, take courses, and attend workshops and meetups. Last night I joined my first workshop - it's a 10 day course on Science Fiction and Fantasy at a place called "Grubstreet." It was really cool and educational, but...

Introducing Story Walks: Exercise for out of shape designers

3 weeks ago, for day 27 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

So I sit down a lot, all day, and then I go home and sit down some more. I also happen to like pizza. Coincidentally, I've been gaining some weight. SO, I felt motivated to walk around the neighborhood today, and just meditate on the book I want to start,...

This is getting hard...

3 weeks ago, for day 26 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

Experiencing a bit of writers block as of late :) I was incredibly motivated and churning out prompts left and right for the first month, but am starting to slow down in enthusiasm as my coursera course has come to a close. It's tough, I'm feeling a bit lost and...

How D&D Made Me Better at Facilitating Design Sprints

3 weeks ago, for day 25 by Jeff Stolz πŸ”₯

Yes, dungeons and dragons. A board game where a group of people detach from their current lives, sit around a table, and pretend to be sword-wielding elves, orcs, and halflings for a few hours. I’ve played this game all of my life and have been drawn to this imaginative, cooperative,...

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