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Computers, Games and a Feeling of Control

2 years ago, for day 8 by Jakob 💘

When I was 4 years old my family got its first computer. Unlike many stories it didn't start out as a magical thing, it was just the fancy typewriter that saved my dad time. Then we discovered games that were pre-installed in MS-DOS 5.0 and we, the children, where allowed...

Willpower: what happened to your resolutions

2 years ago, for day 7 by Jakob 💘

New Year resolutions are great, I've written about mine or rather the lack of concrete once here before. For last and this year my resolution was to change one of my defaults to "less" we'll see how that goes. Many of these resolutions are formed during the winter vacation, where...

Lost in Sands

2 years ago, for day 6 by Jakob 💘

There I was in the desert on a borrowed bike with just a small backpack with water, no paperwork and about 10km from the Jordan-Israel border ready for my heatstroke. Let me backup a few days: The year was 2010, a friend convinced me to take a trip to Jordan...

The first 15 minute many days

2 years ago, for day 5 by Jakob 💘

My morning route is not something I planned on something that just happened. I am blessed to not need an alarm most days, both because I wake up easily and because I don't have a strict starting time for my work. So let's just say I woke up at 8...

More or less

2 years ago, for day 4 by Jakob 💘

Still, in the spirit of the new year, I hear lots of resolutions, plans, and ideas for 2019. I too was one of those people ( An Ambitious 2016 ). These often boil down to more: more money, more activities, more hobbies, more going out, more friends, more posting, more...

An ambitious 2016

2 years ago, for day 3 by Jakob 💘

Yes, 2016 - Looked into some old digital folder I had and found my list of things to do in 2016, the list was ambitious with 66 items and it took 3 years to complete some of those. Here are 5 picked items by Success, Almost, Didn't attempt, utterly failed...

Lost Phone Oh well

2 years ago, for day 2 by Jakob 💘

I started off the year on the wrong foot. After trying on a new pair of jeans in a Letter&Letter store I forgot it in the fitting room. Noticed 20 minutes later went back but no luck, store employees and security were shrugging. Oh well my trusty LG G6 was...

The other Day 0

2 years ago, for day 1 by Jakob 💘

The other day I didn't feel like working, being my own boss kind of allows me to make that kind of decisions. So I went to a morning screening of the new Queen movie - the 11:30 the second of the day. It was theater number 6 on the second...

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