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Who do you trust with your data?

2 years ago, for day 18 by Jakob 💘

I am doing ongoing research on OPSEC things, and the more I learn the more it feels like nothing is safe. Research might be too much said, I would say I have an interest in and take notes on. I was actually thinking of writing a book on applied privacy...

Staying motivated at work

2 years ago, for day 17 by Jakob 💘

Every now and then work turns into a drag. Often when it turns out 5 other things need to be done before I can even get started with the thing I need to actually do. And once I am in that mood, every - little - thing - takes -...

Not buying something

2 years ago, for day 16 by Jakob 💘

For a long time I had a portable single cable USB-C monitor on my online shopping wishlist. It has been there since I last worked from a co-working space and wished I had an extra monitor but was not regularly enough there to rent a fixed desk and plant a...

package thieves

2 years ago, for day 15 by Jakob 💘

Something I keep seeing online but feels very strange to me is stealing packages. It is probably a cultural thing, but in my woods of Europe that does not happen. Here's why this doesn't happen: Packages are not dropped in front of your house Packages are not delivered...

A cup of tea

2 years ago, for day 14 by Jakob 💘

With its tall walls and small base it reminds me of the top part of a pokal. It served me more than I care to count and it shows its age. It was a gift from my sister from her visit to Universal Studios where she did the Harry Potter...

my beef with my time working at agencies ?

2 years ago, for day 13 by Jakob 💘

In my time before joining a startup I worked at 4 different agencies over the course of 6 years (3,1,1,2) and one thing always bothered me. Uncertain product decisions! Unless everything is perfectly thought through, as a developer you take millions of micro decisions in the product flow, which then...

The Traffic of Life

2 years ago, for day 12 by Jakob 💘

As I wrote before, I do have my license now and do occasionally drive. Traffic is a great example of diminishing returns, and everybody who tries to cut corners ends up making everybody slow. Which as a fresh driver is incredibly frustrating because it sometimes puts you in a situation...

Real-Time Aversion

2 years ago, for day 11 by Jakob 💘

A few months back I finally got my driver's licence at age 31. I didn't need it before but when I finally got started it was far from natural for me. I did travel many thousand kilometers as a co-pilot across Europe but when I had to take the wheel...

Being part of something bigger

2 years ago, for day 10 by Jakob 💘

Growing up my family was very active in the local church. We attended every Sunday sermon, sang in the choir, helped organize youth camping trips and donation rallies. With my father being the pastor there was not much of a way around it. When I moved away I did try...

Eliminate choices to improve yourself?

2 years ago, for day 9 by Jakob 💘

Yet Another post on willpower. Having good defaults is to me the most important way to self-improvement. While there are new things I would add to my life, let us be honest most of the time I am doing things I have done before, maybe not the exact same thing...

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