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Traveling - Bristol

2 years ago, for day 28 by Jakob 💘

Currently I am visiting Bristol for the Welcome to Night Vale live tour. The trip itself was a gift by my wife. I was saying for a few years that I wanted to see them life and she said sure why not. That is how gifts work in our marriage....

How many computers are in your phone?

2 years ago, for day 27 by Jakob 💘

This question I asked myself a few days ago and also made a poll on twitter without further research this are the computers I do count: the main computer: SoC ( System on a Chip), this is what the ads refer to when they say snapdragon 855, or A12...

[Q73] The Job 3

2 years ago, for day 26 by Jakob 💘

Why are there so many jobs lately? Was I the only one doing this? Should I keep accepting jobs? Should I worry? The last destination on the list was a dog park. I had been there before once for a special delivery. Something I had done only once before: an...

[Q73] At the Lab

2 years ago, for day 25 by Jakob 💘

"We just received the new sample, we need to analyze it like 5 minutes ago" you could hear Andre the lab-admin yell. "I hate these rush jobs," Alex said to his colleague. "The last time it took 6 hours to get something useful out of the stream and it was...

[Q73] The Job 2

2 years ago, for day 24 by Jakob 💘

These jobs were almost routine. The reason they kept choosing me for these jobs is because I don't look like much. If you saw me in a supermarket, you would not have taken a second look. Same goes for the bank, the business area or downtown. Most jobs followed the...

[Q73] The Job

2 years ago, for day 23 by Jakob 💘

I clamped the phone between my left ear and shoulder, lighting another cigarette. Exhaling I said, "Yes, I'm available ... Ahem the usual fee ... OK, One second I'll grab it". I waved at her to bring the decoder. She took the iPod looking device out of its nook behind...

[Q73] Morning

2 years ago, for day 22 by Jakob 💘

I woke up but didn't open my eyes, there was a sound of water - I realized it was the toilet flushing. My arms felt weak and my stomach quickly told me it was unhappy with my actions last night. I turned around on my left side, rolling on top...

On my writing

2 years ago, for day 21 by Jakob 💘

WIth the streak going past 20 days I start to feel this is getting harder. It starts to remind me of when I last picked up running. It's fun, I don't overdo it and it works as long as I don't have excuses. I did it every day and it...

the lost spoon haunts me

2 years ago, for day 20 by Jakob 💘

Right now I am sitting at the airport, flying domestically to be there for my mother as she gets her PhD on Wednesday. I had half a coffee, the rest I shared with my coat, pants and the table. Reading the latest Owen, Sophie and Femke and struggling to find...

Something to bond over

2 years ago, for day 19 by Jakob 💘

In male friendships, especially not very close friendships, it is great to have common interests. I don't have many such friendships and those I do have where forged on external factors: we used to work together, they are married to an already close friend. This weekend my brother in law...

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