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Aspiring product designer + illustrator. Using this platform to get better at writing. Will mostly write about tech, books, and my sporadic thoughts.

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To Check "I have a disability" or Not

2 years ago, for day 281 by Ivy Chen

While filling out my application to a design fellowship a couple of days ago, I came to a dilemma. The form had asked me whether I have a disability or not, either currently or previously. I saw the list that counted and two of the conditions that I've currently have/previously...

On Getting Back Into Writing

2 years ago, for day 280 by Ivy Chen

I haven't been writing lately, on a regular basis at least. I'd jot down thoughts in my black, bounded journal from time to time, but it isn't a consistent habit. While working on the case study for KPCB's Fellowship application yesterday, I realized that it had become a little harder...

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