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Filler: moody rant

3 years ago, for day 29 by Idean Vasef 💘

When's the last time you ever gave a damn about anybody but yourself? Remember when that one friend reached out to you to get your thoughts on an idea and you ignored their email. Or how about the person you completely ghosted out of the blue for no reason? No...

Filler: When All You Want Is To sleep

3 years ago, for day 28 by Idean Vasef 💘

Have you ever had a day where you wanted nothing in the world but to crawl into your bed? That was me today. I can't wait to sleep tonight. Last night, I had such terrible sleep. I went to bed at 12 and I didn't fall asleep until 5 AM!...

Community Building Chronices - Part 1

3 years ago, for day 27 by Idean Vasef 💘

Last week, I attended a networking event in Santa Monica called Open Coffee Club LA. I had no idea what to expect. What kind of people would be there? How would it skew in age? Will it be worth my time? Luckily, it was a great mix of individuals; diverse,...

Writer's block

3 years ago, for day 26 by Idean Vasef 💘

Well, looks like I got nothing for tonight. I sat down on my couch and contemplated different things I could write about but in the end, none of the ideas won. These past few days I've been starting to get on a bad luck streak it seems. I suppose that...

Birthday Blues

3 years ago, for day 25 by Idean Vasef 💘

Tonight is the eve of my birthday. I dread talking about age because it forces me to be vulnerable and insecure out in the open. It's funny. While In my 20's, I had no problem telling someone my age when asked. Something changed as I approached 30. Now when I'm...

Video Rental Memories

3 years ago, for day 24 by Idean Vasef 💘

The other night, during my ritual web surfing before bed, I (naturally) stumbled upon a YouTube video that instantly warped me back to the mid-’90s and had me stuck in a brief moment of nostalgia. Being the ever so obsessed media/tech nerd, I decided to revisit the now practically extinct...

My Experience with ADD Medication

3 years ago, for day 23 by Idean Vasef 💘

I finally got around to reading @owen's piece on ADD. I felt inspired to share my experience with ADD/ADHD medication. I feel quite strongly about this topic. During my college years, I was prescribed various stimulants by psychiatrists after being tested for ADD. Adderall, Vyvanse, Ritalin (extended and short-term) You...

The Best Time to Write

3 years ago, for day 22 by Idean Vasef 💘

Well, It's been a few weeks of doing this daily writing routine and today I was thinking about my experience thus far. Anytime I have a writing idea pop-up in my head, I quickly put these into my 'writing topics' notes folder on my phone. A lot of times, the...

Truth and Social Media Outrage

3 years ago, for day 21 by Idean Vasef 💘

In the modern age of social media, It's so hard to find truth in the news. Yes, I lean left on the political spectrum but above all, I'm just a guy who wants to know the truth behind a story. The recent viral video (unofficially dubbed the 'MAGA Kids incident'...

On Being A Night Owl

3 years ago, for day 20 by Idean Vasef 💘

It's Sunday evening at 7:30 PM. I'm somewhat tired but not nearly ready for sleep. I have to clean my room and kitchen still before calling it a night. I am definitely a night owl at heart. I go through this same routine every night. 'Tonight's the night that I'm...

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