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I am a digital and brand marketer at Nike by day. At night I am a multitude of things: a philosopher, a theologian, a lover, a dreamer, a pessimist, an optimist, a photographer, a writer Daily trying to practice the way of Christ

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Marriage Coffee

2 years ago, for day 23 by Carter Moore

A roommate of mine used to leave the house every Wednesday during the earliest portion of the day when even the sun was still fast asleep. Eventually, I asked him where he ran to and why he went so early, and he told me that he and his fiancee would...

Confessions of a Sinner

2 years ago, for day 22 by Carter Moore

There's a comfort knowing that someone who breathed nearly 2,000 years ago, halfway around the world, has weathered the same experiences and struggles as a person living in today's 2019 America. As I poured over pages of long-forgotten prayers, there were countless moments where I could have mistaken St. Augustine's...

Muddy Boots

2 years ago, for day 21 by Carter Moore

It could have been more dangerous due to last night's rains, but thankfully most of the water had drained, leaving only a few places of thick mud to wade through. I'm glad I wore my Solomon's, though. Initially, I wasn't going to purchase them because that brand typically runs narrower...

Apple Pancakes & Unfinished Thoughts

2 years ago, for day 20 by Carter Moore

Known for its legendary Apple Pancake — a sweet, sticky, gooey souffle of a breakfast treat, topped with candied apples — the Oak Table Cafe remains unmatched as the premier a.m. eatery. This place isn't hip. It's not the "let's look it up on Yelp to see if the interior...


2 years ago, for day 18 by Carter Moore

What name would you choose for yourself if you had to pick another first name? That was the prompt given for us as a team to answer during a recent stand-up. How the heck do you even answer that? There hasn't been a reason I'd consider altering my name —...


2 years ago, for day 17 by Carter Moore

The morning didn't feel new; it felt heavy. We sleep with the heat off. The cost of oil to run our furnace is high right now, and we can't afford to run it carelessly. Instead, I lay heavy blankets across my body (not my wife's as much because she gets...

Writing, Not Writing.

2 years ago, for day 16 by Carter Moore

I'm writing but, I'm not actually writing. Is the act meaningless? Type. Type. Type. Type. Type. These are words and sentences, but what purpose do they serve? Perhaps, these words don't need to serve any higher-purpose at all; Art pour l'art. I get so wrapped up in the perceived value...

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