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I am a digital and brand marketer at Nike by day. At night I am a multitude of things: a philosopher, a theologian, a lover, a dreamer, a pessimist, an optimist, a photographer, a writer Daily trying to practice the way of Christ

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Thistles & Thorns

2 years ago, for day 320 by Carter Moore

Throughout 500 miles of walking, there are vast amounts of wilderness to encounter. Day after day, the walking passes through high mountains, rolling farmlands, and desolate plains, each showing off their character through fanciful assortments of trees, shrubs, and various vegetations that inhabit those lands. Indeed, there are...


2 years ago, for day 315 by Carter Moore

"She has a granuloma, and we're going to need to use lasers to get rid of it; we'll need to do the procedure three times within the next week." Terrified, we sat together on the blue rubber mat that was lazily rolled across the cold, beige tiled floor to give...

Forget Culture

2 years ago, for day 314 by Carter Moore

Forget Culture Sneakers, fashion, technology, pop-culture, and more, let's forget it. None of those things are bad in and of themselves, but what is wrong is the love of those things. The love of things, or another way, the love of status or money, is idolatry. In the last year,...

Restless Rest

2 years ago, for day 313 by Carter Moore

May it not be said of me, as I lay in my grave and after my last breath has been exhaled from my lungs, that I was simply too busy for those that I cared most for. We are each busy, or that's at least what we tell ourselves. Are...

Where's the Imagination?

3 years ago, for day 92 by Carter Moore

What happened to my imagination? Where did it go? I searched for it this evening during a meditative practice and couldn't find it. Assuming that it would be right where I left it I went back to that place, but like my often misplaced keys or wallet, it wasn't where...

In the Stillness

3 years ago, for day 91 by Carter Moore

There's a lot of time to think when walking 500 miles. Of course, I accounted for instances where the silence of empty space would be deafening, but what I quickly understood is that no amount of planning would prepare me for how loud that quietness would be (save for instance...

On Growing Up

3 years ago, for day 62 by Carter Moore

I'm turning 30 next year, and while it is a long ways off yet, I'm feeling the pressure of needing to become this person I've hoped to be since before I was a teenager. 18 is when I thought I was an adult, and strictly as it relates to the...

On Writing Together

3 years ago, for day 61 by Carter Moore

A couple of days ago, while checking my bank account, making sure I have enough money for a coffee and to still get gas and groceries, I noticed a random deposit for roughly the same amount as my daily Americano. As fate would have it, about six months after I...

On Starting Again

3 years ago, for day 60 by Carter Moore

What's challenging about starting over, or starting again, isn't the expanse of possibility contained in the future, but what rests in the past, haunting and tainting the present. At times the past is as far back as our childhood, or our parent's childhood, or even their parents' childhood. Separately, the...

Further Away Than At The Start

3 years ago, for day 55 by Carter Moore

I am struggling to give language to thoughts and emotions I've desired to write on for some while. I am able to view, in my mind's eye, the location, subject(s), and emotions of what it is I want to extrapolate upon; yet, when it comes to getting the words to...

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