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I am a digital and brand marketer at Nike by day. At night I am a multitude of things: a philosopher, a theologian, a lover, a dreamer, a pessimist, an optimist, a photographer, a writer Daily trying to practice the way of Christ

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On Earth and Sky

1 year ago, for day 10 by Carter Moore

Earth and Sky There’s a separation between what is above and what is beneath. There is life on the ground, rooted to the dirt by gravity’s unrelenting pull, and life above in the shifting, amorphous chaos of the heavens. In all of these writings, and within Prone to Wander itself,...

On New Acquaintances

1 year ago, for day 9 by Carter Moore

I first remember meeting Alf in Pamplona; however, I first remember seeing him in Larrasoaña at the same municipal albergue (hostel) we were staying at. He walked with another guy, a Canadian named Josh, who wore a kilt. Tall, bearded, and gentle, Alf emanated a sense of kindness toward others....

On Ephemerality

1 year ago, for day 8 by Carter Moore

"Everything has changed, nothing is permanent. Unlike the work of our ancestors who built tables and chairs to last for generations, present day objects have in-buiot obsoletism; so that it is usually cheaper to buy new goods than to have them repaired. Nothing is permanent. Technology has made life easier...

On Eyeglasses

1 year ago, for day 7 by Carter Moore

They always seem to be sliding down the bridge of my large schnoz. My handmade, Italian acrylic glasses seem more exhausted me. They don't have a newborn. Their only activity is to sit still (which I suppose anyone who is soldered into one place for too long gets antsy eventually)....

On Mourning

1 year ago, for day 6 by Carter Moore

A senator today said that confronting your enemies is easy, but confronting your friends is difficult. This is true. Taking it a step further though, I'd add on by saying confronting one's own self is the most difficult. Sympathy is absent for today's protestors and domestic terrorists who waged literal...

On Helplessness

1 year ago, for day 5 by Carter Moore

There was this tree in our small town that over time had been used by multiple waves of kids — mainly boys, but not exclusively — as an ever-evolving treehouse. This sacred place went by many names: the fort, the tree house, the place, and the hideout. These are the...

Discovering Fatherhood

1 year ago, for day 4 by Carter Moore

When I was young, certainly younger than 12 or 13, I recall a moment where my dad was out and I was all alone in the house. As a rule, we as kids were not allowed to be in my father's room without permission, but as kids are so often...

On Contentment

1 year ago, for day 3 by Carter Moore

I am not someone who desires a multitude of material objects to find joy or fulfillment. I am not a gifts person, as it were. Quality time and words of affirmation are my native tongue. Things, whether they be physical objects or only the perceived value that we hand over...

On Unity, Patience, and Peace

1 year ago, for day 2 by Carter Moore

The world seems perpetually bent on destroying itself, especially online. Factions comprised of disparate individuals unite around algorithmically driven ideals, burrowing deeper into echo chambers that reverberate their opposition indefinitely, never making any real change, just reinforcing and entrenching themselves further within their own spheres of thought and influence. We...

Everything is New. Nothing is New.

1 year ago, for day 1 by Carter Moore

Sitting here at my laptop typing away at 8:34pm with a loosely, albeit deliciously poured decaf cappuccino, I find that in this new year everything is simultaneously new, yet not at all. Fatherhood laid in wait for 10 months — or nearly a lifetime depending on how you look at...

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