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Finding a Time to Write: A Month Later

3 years ago, for day 34 by Hannah Wei

It's hard to believe that I've contributed to writing 300+ words every day for a month. I definitely feel like I've thoroughly worked out a brain muscle, and this is only just the beginning. I recall for the first two weeks, writing took up so much of my cognitive energy...

Fast Travel Slow Travel

3 years ago, for day 33 by Hannah Wei

Today I was interviewed for a podcast on digital nomadism and one of the topics we discussed was how to actually enjoy travelling and meet people while having a career - it seems like doing a lot at once. I struggled with this for a while and almost gave up...

On Identity Flexibility

3 years ago, for day 32 by Hannah Wei

Some months ago I was chatting with a business owner who grew up in a white, suburban middle-class family in a monoculture community. We debated this idea of "getting people to accept me for who I am" because it was his current challenge after going through huge life changes. His...

On Nutrition: Eat Like a Fighter

3 years ago, for day 31 by Hannah Wei

I used to struggle with diet. As a nomad, I'd adapt to eat what is available around me when I felt like it. Some days I ate one big meal a day, other days I munched on cafe food throughout the day. A lot of times it didn't even feel...

Best Practices On Mentoring Others

3 years ago, for day 30 by Hannah Wei

A few years ago, I was telling a mentor about a situation I was helping my junior teammate with at the time. My mentor listened and asked me if I was her mentor. "Mentor? Me? I'm only 24... I'm just trying to advise her because I've seen her situation before."...

Digging out of Anxiety

3 years ago, for day 29 by Hannah Wei

Yesterday was an exceptionally shitty day. I realized that I needed a smarter way to get myself out of that mental state so that I can put my energy towards feeling better and resolving my anxieties one at a time. Today, I did some reflecting and got the ball rolling...


3 years ago, for day 28 by Hannah Wei

Some days I just don't want to write - it feels annoying. Today is one of those days. I know that I tend to express anxiety as an annoyance, so I closed my laptop, poured myself a cup of tea and dug into what exactly is on my mind today....

What I've Learned and Unlearned in 2018

3 years ago, for day 27 by Hannah Wei

A snippet of my 2018 Personal Year-End Reflection where I discovered that unlearning can be just as important as learning: What I've Learned in 2018 ✍️ Choice of words hold power in conversation and in writing. In 2018, I challenged myself to reflect deeply in writing, picking words carefully and...

Nomad Diaries: What Instagram-perfect Photos Don't Show

3 years ago, for day 26 by Hannah Wei

As I'm typing, I'm sitting in an artist's loft surrounded by rice patties. This weekend, we are in a village in Northern Thailand. Earlier today we climbed a canyon and soaked in a nearby hot spring before heading back to our loft to have tea, rest, and work on our...

On Finding a Time to Write (Follow up #1)

3 years ago, for day 25 by Hannah Wei

They say it takes 21 days to acquire a new habit. Today is my 22nd day of consecutive writing. While I'm not sure whether I've fully formed the habit or is keeping my streak the result of competition, but writing has certainly become a lot more integrated into my everyday...

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