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@herlifeinpixels on Twitter. Here to conquer my fear of writing publicly. Product consultant. Ex-startup founder. Athlete.

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Portfolio Draft: Financial Inclusion with West Africa's Entrepreneurs [4]

2 years ago, for day 44 by Hannah Wei

*Writer's note: I re-read my writing so far around this project. It's kind of dry and I'm not satisfied, so I'm going to veer off from talking about the design process and dig into the work I did on scaling the team. This was later in the spring into summer...

What I learned as a board member of a social enterprise

2 years ago, for day 43 by Hannah Wei

In 2017, I sat on the board of a social enterprise for a year. The org had a fantastic mission of helping former inmates integrate back into society by helping them find housing and updating employable skills with training. In particular, the org was building a coffee catering business that...

On Processing Exhausting Situations

2 years ago, for day 42 by Hannah Wei

I started this piece writing something factual and informative and then deleted it all after a quarter of the way there. I'm exhausted. I'd been awake since 5:45am. I spend 3 hours at the gym this morning, had two meetings in different parts of the city. Spend a few hours...

Portfolio Draft: Financial Inclusion with West Africa's Entrepreneurs [3]

2 years ago, for day 41 by Hannah Wei

Any app builder hopes to increase engagement as a metric, but engagement is often too broad of measurement, because certain kinds of engagement lead to value creation for the user and business (knowledge, IRL decisions making, network effect), while others just keep people in the app longer, inflating data to...

On Making Space for Love

2 years ago, for day 40 by Hannah Wei

Someone asked me today when was the last time I had a partner. Three years ago? It's been a while, even longer if you count the last time I was in love. I felt bad. I felt like I had to have a good reason why I hadn't been in...

Portfolio Draft: Financial Inclusion with West Africa's Entrepreneurs [2]

2 years ago, for day 39 by Hannah Wei

This is a continuation from Part 1 About the product *OZÉ is a mobile bookkeeping solution for small businesses in West Africa that aims to replace paper ledgers. OZÉ believes by empowering businesses owners to take control of their finances, it will lead to more prosperity and jobs in...

On the Last Stretch of Removing Chronic Injury

2 years ago, for day 38 by Hannah Wei

This afternoon, I left my physiotherapy session crying ...of happiness. I was connected with a specialist here in Singapore who had previously trained Muay Thai 6 days a week, just like me. He helped release an overworked, inflamed piriformis muscle. After an excruciatingly painful session during which odd parts of...

Portfolio Draft: Financial Inclusion with West Africa's Entrepreneurs

2 years ago, for day 37 by Hannah Wei

"A man cannot sit down alone and plan for prosperity" - A Nigerian proverb Money Struggles for the West African Small Business January - June 2018 in Accra, Ghana Ghana’s GDP has doubled in the past ten years, however, youth unemployment rate remains at 48%. In a generation of smartphone...

On Not Having a Portfolio

2 years ago, for day 36 by Hannah Wei

I've always had trouble writing for my portfolio. Partly why I don't have one, not in the public anyway. The first and last portfolio I built was a hacked up a Wordpress gallery back in 2008. It took a full month of working after high school to put together (I...

On Culture Rifts: A Woman's Body

2 years ago, for day 35 by Hannah Wei

When I was 24 I went through a wardrobe makeover and got into makeup. For the first time in my life, I had stable AND disposable income (aka. not hustling at a startup) so I spent a good chunk of money on pampering myself. Thanks also to financial stability, that...

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