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On Repetition and Joy: I Lost my 50-day Writing Streak

3 years ago, for day 55 by Hannah Wei

On Friday, I was writing about building my last conference and got really into it. Five hundred words later, I looked up at the clock and saw 12:04 am. "Ahhhh, shit." For a minute, I considered cutting and pasting my writing into Bear App, then closing my laptop and heading...

On Making a Conference Accessible

3 years ago, for day 54 by Hannah Wei

Part 1: On Turning Around a Conference Team The sales team worked on two fronts. Corporate and academic. Corporate sales formed partnerships with companies. They either directly sponsored us, or partnered with us to offer event-day services that we'd otherwise have to pay for. One of our proud partners that...

On Turning Around a Conference Team

3 years ago, for day 52 by Hannah Wei

Part 2: Making a Conference Accessible Design Our Tomorrow was a conference that landed on my plate of projects in mid-2013. I had just finished with another conference, Canadian Undergraduate Technology Conference. My roommate who was busy raising capital for his startup proposed that I join the team at DOT...

On Skin Care

3 years ago, for day 51 by Hannah Wei

I used to be one of those all-natural people who drenched my face with witch hazel and moisturized with coconut oil. Partly because of my family's superstitions about ?harmful chemicals?, and partly due to pure laziness. When I started travelling a lot, especially when it got colder, my skin at...

On Stress and the Body

3 years ago, for day 50 by Hannah Wei

For someone who loves rising to the challenge, stress is incredibly hard for me to balance. I need stress to push me to achieve, but often I am not aware of what I'm putting on the line. Earlier in my adulthood, I dismissed stress so many times because the body...

On Borderless Banking and Mobile Payments

3 years ago, for day 49 by Hannah Wei

One of the weird side-effects of travelling and running a small business is becoming an expert in getting money across borders. I mean, the alternative is that I don't get paid and that's not really an option. I unfortunately still bank with one of the large banks in Canada that...

Reflecting 45 Days of Writing

3 years ago, for day 48 by Hannah Wei

Another twenty days passed since the last time I reflected on this journey of writing every day. In the previous two reflections, I focused on the time constraints because that was where I felt the most challenge. This week, I am finally approaching a phase where starting to write 45...

On Friendships That Weren't Really Friendships

3 years ago, for day 47 by Hannah Wei

I read an essay on how most people get friendships wrong. It resonated with me because I've learned a lot of hard lessons on "friendships" of my own over the last decade. It has become partly why I feel so unsupported sometimes, despite feeling great about my life and having...

Building a Culture of Giving Good Feedback on a Cross Cultural Team

3 years ago, for day 46 by Hannah Wei

Good feedback on a team should be timely, precise, and actionable. Unfortunately, understanding what makes good feedback for the other party is hard. When parts of the team don't have experience being builders themselves, say, managers or directors that come from a consulting background, feedback to the product team could...

On Valentine's Day Misadventures

3 years ago, for day 45 by Hannah Wei

When I think back on Valentine's Days in school, I either went all out or didn't bother at all. I wasn't a part of the popular crowd and I didn't get asked out much, but I had no problem making the first move. The trouble was, I was introverted, artistic,...

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